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#TPTWP- Episode 12.5- Show Notes...

Robert’s Rebel Yell

Lord Tywin Calls an AudibleEpisode Notes

As Robert Baratheon blasts Rhaegar Targaryen in the chest with his mighty Warhammer, the Crown Prince falls to his death in the shallow of the river and the beautiful rubies of his battle armor shattering and falling into the water as- according to visions his young sister Daenerys has of the event- he whispers a woman’s name, The Battle of The Trident is over and done. 4,397 more words


Cersei Will Die In Season 7 Finale

Jaime will kill Cersei. And it will happen when Cersei does something monstrous that Jaime has to stop, by killing her. But it will be too late. 1,125 more words

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