Inside Out - Raw, Unprocessed Anxiety

Stress as the result of childhood trauma has a way of lingering well into adulthood.  We can feel it – that lingering anxiety.  Throughout our days, we sit in anticipation.   588 more words

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Quiet, Muted Despair

The depression is ingrained after so many years – there almost every day – but every day seems to have it’s own manifestation. I almost wish I was at my worst so I could hospitalize and be cared for. 1,118 more words

The Madness

Boston, Summer 1983 - Paper Girl ends my not-so-promising hoodlum career

A few more minor events stand out. There was a girl, 10 or 11, who had a paper route on North Beacon.  My little gang – my Lebanese neighbors, a Jamaican girl from across the street – and I secretly mocked her.   1,446 more words

The Madness

Waking the Dragon of Slumbering CPTSD

I didn’t know I had Complex PTSD until I was 36 years old. I deliberately turned off my trauma – tossed it, pretended it never happened – when Social Services removed my sister and I from our mother’s custody and placed us with our newly sober and forever ex-criminal father. 1,519 more words

The Madness

My Borderline thinks it's Jack Torrance


Gee, thanks for the fucking warning. You’ve been away for a year, you don’t call, you don’t write, I thought you were dead for Christ’s sake, or met someone else at the very least. 1,107 more words

The Madness

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3 years later it's back. Can't put it any better than I did in 2012. Here goees...

The Madness

The madness begins, it consumes your mind,

it consumes your soul.

All around the screams can be heard.

The crowd is wild like children on a hot summer’s day. 87 more words


Toxic Relationships

Sometimes common knowledge is not knowledge at all.  For example, we have all watched television shows that portray the sad, ineffective, downtrodden, abused woman returning to her abuser. 516 more words

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