The Madness: Passing the Bar

What a man chooses to drink can tell you a lot about him. We asked our trusted advisors Peter Bonventre and John Jannuzzi what they’re ordering (or mixing up themselves) this summer. 753 more words

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The Madness: Don't Slouch on the Couch

Your couch says a lot about you. We asked our trusted translators Peter Bonventre and John Januzzi to help you choose the one that speaks your language. 865 more words

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Why You Should Use 8tracks.com

I’ve recently discovered a website called 8tracks.com that is just the niftiest thing, ever!

It seems that it first launched back in 2008. It makes me sad that I’m only just now finding it. 919 more words

A Shot O Whiskey

A Guide to Grapes

You’ve just been seated at a restaurant, and you’re handed the wine list. What to choose? We asked our (fancy) pals Peter Bonventre and John Jannuzzi for their vino suggestions. 827 more words

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The day has started well and the sun’s beam is already warmly around when I sat to write today. something has caught my attention and its a question that has been on my mind of late: “What’s all the madness about the secular? 805 more words


The Madness: Hats Off

Tradition firmly states that gentlemen should remove their hats when indoors. But have times changed? We called in Peter Bonventre and John Jannuzzi to save us from impending embarrassment. 726 more words

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Just Desserts

Deserve a raise? Our resident recruiters Peter Bonventre and John Jannuzzi to help you gut check your way to your next pay day. 887 more words

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