The Decision Was Made

Born with a congenital disease that affected her IQ, she started life with a major disadvantage. Adding to this burden, her childhood consisted of an abusive home, a school system that tolerated corporal punishment, and a community without resources. 554 more words

Mental Health

A Pivotal Moment

Friday night was the kick-off to another weekend of partying.  Thirty-four hours later, as the early Sunday morning light streamed into the window, the two of us were standing in the small kitchen of the apartment.   793 more words

The Madness

Hitting the Reset Button

Even though you have arrived to the other side of the dark swamp, you can still feel its damp chill on your skin.  The serpent-beast who called the swamp home has been killed and its offspring have been caged.   495 more words


The Aftermath

Here we sit, sojourners in a strange land.  Our need to rest compels us to stop for a moment.  However, as soon as we permit ourselves to stop our incessant wandering, the past looms up.   555 more words

The Madness