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Book #17: The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz, Ph.D.

I really wanted to like this book but ultimately I felt like it focused too much on self confidence and not enough on how to build that confidence or use it effectively. 192 more words


Don’t be a Lowe’s

I had to go to Lowe’s Home Improvement Center on Saturday to buy replacement cushions for our patio furniture.

Lowe’s is a huge place. Upon entering the store, I walked all the way over to the outdoor furniture department on the far right side of the store, past a few employees who completely ignored me. 635 more words


Mission: Conquer my networking fears

My biggest fear in networking is taking the plunge and introducing myself to new people. Lord only knows why I fear this so much. I know its completely illogical. 316 more words


Book Review: The Magic of Thinking Big

AUTHOR:  David J. Schwartz

VALUE:  10/10

READ IF:  You want learn how you can think your way to success

DO NOT READ IF:  You want to continue to let your negative thoughts and mindset control you. 276 more words

Book Reviews

The Magic of Thinking Big

Warning! The following list of common human misfortunes are NOT happy-making.

Negativity, Not feeling good enough, Arguments, and Feeling defeated.

I’ve been convicted by this book and I can’t lie. 371 more words


Agar Nyaman Dibaca Pria dan Wanita

Saya membuat orang-orang bertanya, ‘Ini bacanya gimana?’ dengan ekspresi tidak mengerti mendapati novel Diorama Rasa yang tanpa cover belakang.

Saya girang luar biasa mendapati kru Penerbit Bentang Pustaka, penerbit novel Diorama Rasa, membuat covernya tanpa cover belakang, alias kedua cover adalah cover depan. 603 more words


I Feel Great! That's G-R-E-A-T

This simple yet powerful statement can change your life. If you say “I feel great” out loud, to yourself, to others and believe it!

When others ask “how are you?” answer “I’m great!” With this answer they see an individual that is positive and someone they want to be more alike. 330 more words

John M Langdon