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The Magus by Alex Sumner Option To Purchase Film Rights

Attention Film Producers – in Hollywood and elsewhere! You now have the chance to bid to take out an option on “The Magus” by Alex Sumner! 222 more words


Smashwords – Interview with Alex Sumner

Shock! Horror! Sordid revelations! These are just some of the tabloid-style headlines which have nothing to do with my “Interview” at Smashwords.com. Instead, you will get fascinating information about my background, influences, my thoughts on the writing profession, and the real story behind my latest book… 37 more words


Alex Comes To Australia!

G’day. Those nice people at Amazon are starting up an Australian version of the site, which means that all my fans Down Under are now able to purchase my books! 28 more words


Tijuana book by Alex Sumner?

Mexico has given the world so many valuable things, such as Tequila, Chili Con Carne, Mescaline, Carlos Castaneda, the Aztecs and Chocolate. Now, by way of saying thank you, my books are on sale there! 27 more words


A Very British Blog Tour

Apparently I have been tagged by Maria Savva in a blog tour! I therefore present my own answers to the questions they have been asking. 587 more words


Enjoy "The Magus" this Xmas!

You now have the opportunity to download copies of my first novel, “The Magus” at a special rate this Christmas season! This is a story of murder and black magick and the occult set in contemporary London, and contains authentic descriptions of gruesome occult practices. 77 more words


Apocalypse is coming ... A Week Early: Follow-Up

You now have the power to become fabulously wealthy – by listening to Alex Sumner when he gives Stock Market tips! Yes indeed, I, Alex Sumner, the world’s greatest expert on Financial Sorcery have scored a success, and consequently I am going to crow about it egregiously in a blatant bit of self-promotion. 174 more words