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Tremendous Pressure Release

So, things went less than great with Calc, sure, but they’re getting better.

Writing. Writing, writing, writing, y’all. It’s slowly consumed my life of late, for better or worse. 449 more words

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Cascading Failure

Lots and lots of internal screaming.

I just came out of Calc! And gods damn it, it was bad. We had a quiz today, on integration using partial fractions, and holy shit my efforts to solve what I needed to were so incredibly slow, there are no words to adequately describe it. 148 more words

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Started Pretty High up, Now I'm Here

Today was pretty awesome at school, and then has kinda spiraled rapidly downward since I got home.

The first half of the day was absolutely amazing. 473 more words

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...and Release

Everything was all “crazy crazy crazy” yesterday, and today? It’s all good, man. Nice and relaxed.

Not much to report today, if I’m being completely honest. 420 more words

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Y’all, I’m getting the paste beaten out of me already, and I’ve been in school for 11 of 180 days. 284 more words

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A Nice, Easy Night

I really needed one o’ these, especially after the insanity of the past two, y’know?

This morning wasn’t remotely effortless, but I wasn’t altogether too terribly stressed. 370 more words

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Actually Not that Bad

Y’know, I thought I was gonna be a mess today because of the lack of sleep, but I’m making my way through the day, and I’m actually holding up alright. 816 more words

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