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A Serious, Non-Depressing Lack of Meaning

That is to say, I’m bored as all hell.

I’ve described to you friends my college plan, right? The whole thing where I go to the CCoP for 2 years and then transfer to Drexel while surviving despite being dirt poor? 265 more words

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It's Finally Happened

I knew it was gonna happen eventually. I just wasn’t aware it was gonna go as well as it did. That thing of course being Cat learning about this place, and I having to confront her about everything, how I feel about her personality being chief among these things. 283 more words

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Eid Actually Wasn't Terrible

I was under the impression that it was going to be this intolerable religious slog… but nope. I kinda loved it.

Yesterday morning started off with, okay, yeah, a less than wonderful Eid prayer that lasted something like 2 hours. 389 more words

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Yet Another Step to my Life Getting in Order

What has happened here, my friends, is that I have found an amazing route through college that doesn’t lean on how I do in high school. 686 more words

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Decentralized Happenings: The First

What’s happening here is that over the summer, I have no real defining, 8 hour long thing I’m doing all day, so my posts are gonna be just a bit all over the place. 398 more words

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Elder Scrolls 6


I kinda need to talk about this for a little bit. And also listen to that gorgeous music another 400 times. 253 more words

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Yesterday was Less Than Amazing

Kinda just got kicked around by the world for a while, and even now I don’t feel awesome.

So, yesterday morning started off with me being a freaking moron and using my stationary bike for an hour. 569 more words

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