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A High Quality Subaru

I’m feeling really good right now, man. Love, in all its forms, is wonderful.

Kinda need to get some sleep because I got a major Calc test tomorrow, but man, I love Ari. 210 more words

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Queerplatonic Relationships and All Things Sweet

No, I don’t particularly care if you think that’s a real thing because goddamn it makes me friggin happy and that’s what counts in the dumpster fire of a world. 504 more words

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Somewhere Ages and Ages Hence

We’re doing some reading in AP Comp Sci, and part of it involved the distant future of data storage, and it got me thinking about this place. 219 more words

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Solidarity and Some Other Good Stuff

I had a moment with Dr. Zorrilla that I don’t think I could ever have with any of my other teachers.

Basically, today in class, we were talking about race, equality, privilege, all that good stuff. 453 more words

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Crushes are Hella Weird

So, I hate being a teenager for a number of reasons, and y’know what’s chief among them? Crushes.

Love is, in the words of Papa Jessi, when your heart has a boner, and by god I’ve never heard a better definition, because y’know what boners can be when you don’t want them? 188 more words

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People are Annoying

Big surprise, right?

It’s been kind of a rough day tbh. I had to deal with these geniuses who seriously held that white privilege doesn’t exist and that the LGBT community is disgusting, both in gym and HuG, so that got my feathers ruffled quite a bit. 175 more words

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Everything Hurts

Life is pain, y’all. Life is pain. Specifically, sore or hurt in various across your head is pain.

My lower left molar, all the way in the back – conveniently, the one with a crown on it, because fuck me, right? 71 more words

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