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Skeletons in Your Closet? Follow Molag Bal's Advice

He is weak! You are strong! Crush him! Crush his bones!

– Molag Bal, Daedric Prince of Tyranny and Life Coach Extraordinaire, on the topic of skeletons in your closet…

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Whoo Boy, was Tonight a Little Stressful

I have a humorous title to hide the fact that what happened had me more than a little overwhelmed and anxious for a while. However, I bought myself a new locomotive in Sunless Skies, and am making the Stovepipes eat shit; I think I’m doing alright, and wanna talk about what happened. 568 more words

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Niggling Anxiety, but then a Lil Improvement

You ever get a feeling that something’s just not, y’know, right? Or that you messed something up, but have absolutely no reason to think that? 526 more words

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All's Quiet on the First Semester Front

Nothing left undone. All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

That was the promise, after all. 465 more words

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Grasping for Burning Straws but Finding Nothing Except Blades of Grass

It kinda feels like, on some level, things should like, feel not great, but I’m actually holding up pretty well, yeah?

The net sum of my mix of feelings, and desire for feelings? 261 more words

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Have I Ever Mentioned I Love my Wife?

I’m glad I can love, and support, and be there for her, because she’s the best fuckin’ person I know, I tell you what.

Rosa Diaz, queen of the Nine-Nine, summing up my feels … 617 more words

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Could be Worse, Could be Better

That’s kinda where I’m at, y’know?

Kinda the net emotional result

Yesterday went pretty okay, I guess? The school day was exhausting like nothing else, and I’m so glad today’s the weekend. 326 more words

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