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Playlist Two

Does anyone remember when I said I’d do this weekly? Yeah, that’s not happening. Maybe every other week? In reality, it’s probably just going to be when I get the urge to put a playlist together which is probably not going to be that much. 137 more words


Am I Pretty

I think this song is important, because it celebrates everyone for who they are. It’s a song to relate to. Not everyone feels pretty all the time. 14 more words

Playlist One

So a few weeks I had the idea to make weekly mood playlists. For instance, songs for when you’re angry/happy/sad/excited you get the point. I thought this would be kind of cool, but then I realized that sometimes ( a lot of times) my moods last for weeks on end and this could get a bit tricky. 148 more words


Lyrics : Verse Two

‘Now don’t lose your fight, kid. It only takes a little push to pull on through’
Missing You, All Time Low.

‘This one goes out to my closest friends, the ones who make me feel less alien, I do not think I would be here if not for them’ 53 more words


Sincerely, John The Ghost: Track-By-Track Review

In most cases, a band member releasing a solo side project would make all fans cry out in fear of their favorite band is breaking up. 915 more words


Music Review: Love Yourself - Covers// By: The Maine

Okay so I realize this is not an  album, and no this isn’t the album review I have planned for this week,  but the Maine recently released this cover of Justin Bieber’s song Love Yourself and I have been dying to listen to it! 245 more words

The Maine Releases 'Love Yourself' Cover

After the recent announcement of their upcoming release Covers (Side B)The Maine has released their rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” via youtube. The album will be available for purchase on June 24. 63 more words