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5 Angsty Throwback Christmas Tunes | BLOGMAS Day 2

Are you already tired of Mariah Carey and Michael Buble?  Because I sure am.  If you’re ready to shake things up (and get a li’l angsty), here are five fabulous Christmas tunes from all your emo faves. 208 more words


First Official Christmas Music Post of 2016

Welcome back everyone and Merry Christmas. This blog started on Facebook nearly a decade ago. I then dropped off Facebook and started blogging via wordpress (which is where I remain today). 281 more words

Alternative Christmas Music

Back to Bla-err Blogging

Did you catch my Amy Winehouse reference there? (Rest her gorgeous soul.) I have officially re-entered the blogging world and this probably doesn’t mean anything to any of you, as my last blog had all of about 20 people following it! 423 more words


Music (my painkiller)


Like I said in my last post, I want this blog to be everything that I like and music probably tops the list. I will be listing a few artists/bands here that I really like and also my favourite songs by them. 382 more words

Inspiring Quotes From Your Favorite Band Members

If you ever attended a rock concert the artist may have said some inspiring things. I know My Chemical Romance was very popular for speaking there minds on stage about kids struggling with suicide or depression. 112 more words


I Don't Fancy American Candy

We all have those bands that we listen to when we’re fresh teenagers, the ones who come and go from my iPods as fast our desire to do our homework. 1,054 more words

American Candy