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The house with the blue door

For the most part, my drive to work is a rural one. Along the way is a little house, older but well-kept. If it were anywhere else it might not stand out so much. 468 more words


"The story behind Charisma: Inspiring people to radically change their world"

Steve Strang

Founder, Charisma Media

Every Christian has their strength and their own method when it comes to spreading the Gospel. Some travel overseas to talk directly to communities. 173 more words

My Maker's Diet Journey - August 2014 Update

If you’re searching for answers to your health problems… I totally get it.

I’m still searching too and it’s frustrating at times.  I’ve been doing the Maker’s Diet for a long time now and only 1 and a half years ago I decided to follow it more closely… even adding supplements. 960 more words

The Maker's Diet

Jesus' Voice

“The sheep who are My own hear and are listening to My voice;
and I know them and they follow Me.”
John 10:27

On Friday October 12th, Shalene, Rachel and I left for a weekend retreat called “The Right to Wear White”. 1,431 more words


My 2013 Experience on the Maker's Diet

It wasn’t what I expected.

The detox symptoms I have are definitely unique.  Some are just weird and some were scary.

I’m not really sure how to describe some of the reactions I’ve had, but I will try the best that I can. 1,394 more words

Real Food

Cereal Killer

Wow! Talk about truth in advertising… If the majority of people who eat this junk knew what harm it was really doing they would probably never touch it again. 687 more words


My 7 Challenges of Doing the Maker's Diet... and Still

The Maker’s Diet isn’t easy… even after doing it for awhile.  I have challenges even today and some… I’m still trying to figure out a way around them. 1,703 more words

Real Food