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IotD: Rejecting Gertrude Stein

I had read this infamous 1912 rejection letter of Stein’s The Making of Americans but never seen an actual image of it. A recent event hosted by the Studio 360 blog… 50 more words

Image Of The Day

Gertrude Stein: "The Good Anna" & "Melanctha"



Anna Federner is a servant of “solid lower middle-class south german stock.” The story follows the rigid Anna through her happy days with Mathilda, as well as positions with Miss Mary Wadsworth and Dr. 293 more words

20th Century American

Reading and Loving and Hating and Loving Gertrude Stein

by Geo Ong

I was first introduced to Gertrude Stein at a bistro on the Rue de Fleurus in 1927. Just kidding. I was first introduced to Gertrude Stein in a fiction writing workshop about three years ago. 576 more words


Juliette Mapp: The Making of Americans- tonight

Apr 13 – 16 at 7:30pm
“…an intensely visceral and emotional experience…” – Dance Theater Journal

“I make work about dancing and the intersection between dancing and other things that I care deeply about.” – Juliette Mapp… 155 more words

To ENG 476

If you are reading this:

I would just like to say that I have enjoyed being in this class with funny, open-minded classmates, professor, and guest who gave me more insight into reading Stein, Dickinson, and Mullen (especially Mullen). 134 more words

The Making Of Americans

Making Connections in MoA

“Hortense Dehning mentioned to him this thing, mentioned to him knowing him then. She was quite needing then doing this thing, mentioning something to him then and perhaps then he would have been giving advice strongly… 799 more words

The Making Of Americans