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Future Traveler-I Want to Buy an Island! (The Maldives)

Hey travelers!

A colleague of mine asked me if my long-term dreams consist of buying an island. I told him that if I suddenly won the lottery and/or found a rich man then I’m sure buying an island would be on my to do list. 329 more words

Future Traveler

The Maldives - Cocoa Island, COMO

The Maldives

It’s obvs paradise and whenever I see anyone’s holiday pictures I feel intense pangs of jealousy. WHY NOT ME? WHY AM I LONDON, IN THE RAIN WITH ALL THE OTHER MISERABLE SODS. 419 more words

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Still On Their Fast Train

A rare sighting at the Mississippi Studios of Seattle’s The Maldives, a band still driving hard on their latest record, “Muscle for the Wing” (Spark and Shine, 2012). 117 more words

Alt Country

Gazing Into the Fire

There’s a plaintive thought in an as yet unreleased new song, “Rest,” by the recording artist Sam Fowles, that speaks of being in the wind, longing for shelter, but accepting there are places we still have to go, so we go anyway, hoping for rest, traveling on. 658 more words

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Chilling in Paradise

I have been lucky enough to visit some of the most amazing places on Earth, but the one place that probably sticks in my mind the most is the beautiful island of Baros in The Maldives. 448 more words


Honeymoon travel ideas - help!

One of the hardest things I’ve found about planning a wedding is the number of decisions you have to make. I’m not the most decisive person at the best of times and there have been many moments over the last few months when I’ve found myself completely at my wits end as I sit at home on a Friday night trying to decide what weight of paper I want my invites to be printed on. 758 more words

South America

A Maldivian photo project!

Over the past week I’ve had the pleasure (!) every morning of waking up as my alarm clock rang for work, of being greeted by a different photo of the Maldives. 358 more words