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Vacation in The Maldives

White sand beaches, colorful underwater life, all-inclusive hotels – tropical locations are some of the most wanted destinations for vacations. 418 more words

Beach Vacation

Baros an exclusive interview with the resort manager......

At Travel Designers, we travel the globe to meet with our favourite hotels and check out what is going on behind the scenes. In the latest in our series of interviews, Lesley has been talking to Shuhan the Resort Manager of… 680 more words

The Maldives in 4 Minutes and 34 Seconds

Hi there! Long time no see…Sorry about that.. We’ve been taking some time to enjoy our vacation in the Maldives and speaking of: As a peace offering for being gone for so long we’ve(…Maria…) have put together some clips and snippets from our trip and turned it into a little video that we’d like to show you. 93 more words

The Travel to The Maldives

We know we kinda promised an update two days ago, but we were worn out after all the travel yesterday and wanted to make the most of the sunny hours today so hopefully you understand. 583 more words


Top 8 Things I'm Glad I Spent Money on Around the World /How to Avoid International Fees (Revolut.com)

Hi, I’m Ruth, and I have an adventure addiction. A serious travel problem. The more I check off my bucket list, the longer it seems to get.  693 more words


Some Ideas to Save Space in Your Carry-on Bag

Leading on from Maria’s tips on how to survive a long haul flight, and sticking with the theme of travel, I thought I would share some ideas for how you can avoid taking a massive bag stuffed full on the plane. 381 more words

24 Hours in the Maldives and Other Hazy Memories

24 hours in the Maldives

Why would someone go to the Maldives for just one day? One of my previous travel jobs was working as a flight attendant, which I only did for a couple of years, a while back. 1,431 more words