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Close Encounters of the Shark Kind

According to ISAF, since 1580 there has been just one confirmed, nonfatal shark attack in The Maldives. But that reassuring statistic is not foremost in my mind when I spy, through my misty snorkelling mask, a distinctive torpedo-shaped fish with broad, round snout and large eyes, rising from the deep azure waters just beyond the coral reef drop-off of… 1,254 more words


The Maldives on a budget...

A blog post with daily recounts of the hours spent watching little hermit crabs scuttling to and fro on the sand, palm trees swaying in the light breeze and fish jumping around in the sea. 1,737 more words


The Maldives 1994

Near the end of the last century, I went on a trip to The Maldives. We didn’t have the internet then, so I couldn’t write a blog about it. 833 more words


Our top 10 must see travel places

Claire – It is no secret that both Ana and I love travel. We have both been incredibly fortunate to have been able to travel as much as we have in our short lives. 863 more words


Get Away From It All: Blissful Island Paradise Breaks You'll Love

They say “No man is an island” and, although that’s geographically accurate, is it true in the way they mean it? What they mean of course is that no-one can survive without making connections. 491 more words


Sewing Circle and what becomes routine

Sumitra’s Singer sewing machine, operated by pedal-power clickety clacks along its track several hours a day.  Customers call and present her with fabrics, mostly new but over the last few days I have met the daughters-in-law of a lady who died last month.   709 more words