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5 More Great Non-Fiction Books for Health Care Professionals

By Paul Marone, Senior HP Marketing and Social Media Manager

My colleague Andy McPhee previously wrote a list of his favorite non-fiction books related to health care and health care professionals.  485 more words

For Students

Let's Talk about Sacks

by Eric Meisberger,
LBPH Reader Advisor

Oliver Sacks is prolific writer. He is also a physician, and a professor of neurology. You might know him from the film adaptation of his book… 327 more words

The dress, Oliver Sacks, and more writing from Elizabeth

The results of the poll in my last post are, at this point in time, 42.3% for blue, 42.3% for white, and 15.3% for other. 439 more words


A Meditation on Mortality: How to live

After reading this New York Times, Oliver Sacks, piece, I was prompted to finally read The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat… 389 more words

I Am

Change the Brain, Change “Reality”

The brain creates our core sense of reality, and we can learn a lot about that by noticing what happens when it is damaged by aging, accident, or illness. 485 more words

Human Consciousness

Book review: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

Deafeningly loud Irish folk music would disrupt any conversation, especially if the music can only be heard by one person — a result of her constant temporal-lobe seizures. 897 more words