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The Mark of Kri – Day 5

Rau approaches his final challenge, to defeat the evil one, and to rescue his sister. He arrives at a temple, its entrance is built into the stone face of a mountain. 391 more words

The Mark of Kri – Day 4

The tavern houses whispers of worry, dark times are ahead, and Rau knows he must do what he can to stop them. 483 more words

 The Mark of Kri – Day 3

 With Rau’s interaction with the dark man weighing heavily on his mind, he seeks the wisdom of a tiny old woman in the village tavern. 356 more words

The Mark of Kri – Day Two

A man arrives at the tavern, he dons a large brimmed hat which shades his unnaturally black face. He cowers as he speaks to Rau, of an ancient artifact,  a scroll, hidden deep in the forest temple. 385 more words

The Mark of Kri – Day 1

Rau stands a bulky mass of flesh and muscle, garnished in tribal tattoos; his feet, two massive tree trunks, drag across the tavern floor as he heads for the bar. 561 more words

The Mark of Kri Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a written review on a game. I may eventually do this in video format, but a written one will do for now. 820 more words

A roundup of PS2 videogames I came close to completing

Though my number of Xbox 360 and/or DS games is beginning to catch up, I’d say that PlayStation 2 games still make up the largest chunk of my gaming collection. 1,145 more words