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Every time I watch this I am reminded that everything I am, I owe to martial arts. I am not blessed, I am not lucky, I am not fortunate. 103 more words



Y’know that pop-and-fizz of opening a can of beer?

There is nothing quite like it on a warm, summer afternoon with a few lazy clouds drifting overhead. 175 more words

The Martial Arts Journey


Both Roy Dean and Victor Estima has shared the RHUL MMA/BJJ vid! AWESOME!

So, check out their Twitters and blogs! After RDA send that e-mail back I’ve been hassling BJJ magazines to tweet our video as well. 23 more words


What we do

That is my team. Good fighters, but even better people. Gonna miss them all when I move back, but I’m honoured to have trained and fought alongside them under the watchful eye of Lloyd Heaven and Jamie Hussain. 199 more words


The White Belt

There’s no ego on the mat, or the couch-cushions.

That’s how we roll.

One of the problems of having done martial arts for a long time is that you start to feel comfortable with your skillset. 442 more words

The Martial Arts Journey

Best week ever

Or at least it has been so far. List of accomplishments include:

  • Getting 200 quid back on tax. That’s a new gi and a bit, that is.
  • 106 more words

Colours Ball!

Colours Ball, for those that don’t know this (which was myself included up until a few days ago) is sort of the big annual ball for all the sports clubs at Royal Holloway with awards, food, dancing, photos, the whole shebang. 219 more words