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The one with the mask

Otherwise? Si we said this week is for those love stories? Me I think I’ll come back next week.

But next on stage is a girl who prefers anonymity. 1,063 more words


The Mask

For this assignment I made a mask with Bristol paper and tape. My mask is supposed to represent some form of an ancient military helmet. We had to fit the mask specifically to our face as part of this assignment. 118 more words


The Mask...

Hiding behind a faded smile that constantly grins and tells nothing but lies

It hides my piercing brown eyes, faded smile and tan toned cheeks… 100 more words


My Mask


        The mask is an object worn on the face for disguise, performance, protection or entertainment. Masks have been used since ancient times for both ceremonial and practical purposes. 1,344 more words

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Behind the Smile of the Moon: Is there a truth behind the veil?

I always found masks uncannily disturbing. Their growing presence in our living room in Brazzaville as my father fell in love with African masks was for me a matter of curiosity but also of concern. 3,534 more words

Articles Of Première L