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Daily Draw: Ace of Cups (rev), Blodughadda

OK, seriously. What the hell, people? This is the third time in a week this card has come up either reversed or straight up. This is an emotional time. 90 more words


50 shades of grey

It’s only natural to think of clothing as mere covering, or a way in which we project our image to other people.

There is much more to the choice of colour of our clothes than we might think. 490 more words


Daily Draw: I The Magician, Loki

I’m not drawing the Loki card on purpose, I promise. I know He’s been up for a lot of people recently, and now I think it’s more about the energy of the Magician than it is about the Norse god, Loki (what I mean is, recently I did a draw offline that brought up the Magician card in another deck, and one of the charms that went with it there was The Eye, just like it is here). 121 more words


Daily Draw: 4 of Coins (rev), Fafnir

Today’s draw is about losing what you have. Ok, so maybe what you have was gained through being greedy (looking at it in a negative light), and maybe not. 194 more words



Source: Dollar Vigilante, by Jeff Berwick

Larken Rose once told me that the government can’t continue to govern (for long) once they begin completely dominating by force without the approval of at least a sizeable amount of support from the citizenry. 108 more words

2nd Amendment

Day 36 100words100days Get the Hulk, the TMNT, and the Mask together for a networking event

255 words.


“Hulk. Smash.” The Hulk walks around the room lifting his gigantic green arm up threateningly from time to time.

Raphael rolls his eyes, and Michelangelo sniggers. 242 more words


Night at the Car Museum Cosplay Party! At Volo Auto Museum!

On Friday, April 3rd the Volo Car Museum located in Volo IL. and Costumers With a Cause teamed up in a St. Jude Charity event to bring the public a very special event. 138 more words