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Behind the Smile of the Moon: Is there a truth behind the veil?

I always found masks uncannily disturbing. Their growing presence in our living room in Brazzaville as my father fell in love with African masks was for me a matter of curiosity but also of concern. 3,534 more words

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My mask

My mask is made of silk and tears

When I put it on, I wear my fears

When I take it off, my vision clears. … 226 more words

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Society's Mask


People are strange. Society is even more strange. We can’t exactly blame people as they’re a reflection of society. For instance, Society says: “Be yourself. Nothing’s better than being yourself” and then when you do start acting like yourself, Society comes back and tells you “Never be yourself. 651 more words

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Yes? No?

You’re the kind of person that works all the time.

You’re the type that doesn’t care about anything.

You look like a reserved person.

You never talk, why are you so shy ? 903 more words

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Do they love you or The Mask you put on everyday?


When I’ll grow up I would like to be a psychologist.

It’s always been my dream but I don’t know if I can achieve it. 1,062 more words

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Adele Completely Slays Halloween With Incredible The Mask Costume

If there were a gold prize for Halloween costumes this year, Adele would win hands down. To the amazement of her fans, the “Send My Love” singer posted a series of photos to Instagram of her dressed as Jim Carrey’s… 147 more words

The Mask

by Annalene Hart

the mask
behind the mask
the skin
under the skin
layer upon
opaque layer,                                                                                                                                                   pomegranate,                                                                                                                                                         granite,

red caked

the sigh… 268 more words