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What are your plans for tonight? Yeah it’s the middle of the week, but those can be the best shows! As you get older, it gets harder to drive back from a concert you’ve just thrown everything you had into, only to work 8-12 hours the next day. 92 more words


The Camel - Enduroman training

What on earth is Enduroman you ask?

Check out the site here. Basically this is a new off road triathlon to be held in Franschoek. 146 more words


Shaping & Plugging Mast Ends

First order of business was to cut the mast to length.You definitely want to measure twice and cut once.

The plans call for an overall length of 16’4″. 316 more words

The Mast

Shaping the Mast

 Pick up a quality hand plane and take a few passes…it is such a rewarding experience.

I absolutely love my Lie Neilson low angle block plane and wish I had about three more.   275 more words

The Mast

Nothing to Do But Wait

I like to try to do something each day if possible, even if that means just cleaning up or fiddling with some minor issue.  This morning I am waiting for the epoxy to dry on my mast, so I decided to sharpen my block plane blades.   16 more words

The Mast

Glueing up the Mast

This was a little tense, like pouring cement.

Everything is timed and the clock cannot be turned back.   Once you start, your committed.  Furthermore, part way through, I thought I was going to run out of epoxy.   309 more words

The Mast

Checking Epoxy Pumps

Everyone has read it…the epoxy manuals always suggest you test pump dispensers for accuracy.

 You know, just to make sure they are dispensing the proper ratio of resin to hardener.   395 more words

The Mast