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The Master of Classic Who

I think this was a very early attempt at a multi layered edit… i think I may well have to revisit this tribute to the Masters of classic Who, and adding Geoffrey Beevers Master.

Unseen Encounters

The Doctor faces down his ‘best enemy’ the Master who is accompanied by Cybermen.

Jon Pertwee never faced the Cybermen during his era, but he would eventually meet them in The Five Doctors…. 34 more words

50 - The Sea Devils

We have reached the heady echelons of the top 50 in the countdown! Along the way we have already reviewed some superb stories, all worthy of challenging for the top 50. 413 more words

The Master

The Master: Anthony Ainley

This is another Black and White promo shot which I have coloured.

I started watching Doctor Who in 1980 and so Anthony Ainley’s Master was a constant presence through my formative years as a fan. 62 more words

A Universe Without the Doctor

the Master, in the presence of this incarnation of the Doctor felt truly afraid of, and for his mortal enemy….

Colm Tóibín – a man for all seasons? – the jury’s out…

Having spent a not inconsiderable amount of time over previous days proposing wildly romantic things for people to do in Paris over the Saint Valentin period… 1,405 more words

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