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Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos (part two)

Last time, I mentioned how seeing “The Claws of Axos” was a big letdown when I saw it, but there’s another part to the story, and that’s how we saw the Pertwee serials in America in the eighties, when I was a grouchy, cynical teenager. 705 more words

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COMEDY Short Story of the Day: THE MASTER, by Phillip Frey


Written by: Phillip Frey


Genre: Comedy-Drama

Logline: The Master is a comedy-drama in which a cruel movie star wakes up one morning with his buttocks gone, a rump which had been rated number one by all the fan magazines. 83 more words


Doctor Who: The Claws of Axos (part one)

Among fans of my age, there used to be a common point of commiseration: when we got to see the Jon Pertwee serials, they usually didn’t measure up to the book versions we’d already enjoyed. 519 more words

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The Strain's Final Season Begins with some Fresh Ideas

The last season of “The Strain” has begun and I for one hate to see it go, especially after the big shake up the season premiere gave us. ¬† 184 more words


Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil (part six)

This really is a super story, and it ends brilliantly enough to please even the more frightened members of the audience. Our son watched this one with quite a lot of grumbling and nail biting, but I believe that since it ends with a big explosion, he got to grin really big and shout “The Master got his butt kicked!” So this one goes in the win column.

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Doctor Who: The Mind of Evil (parts four and five)

Not too much to say this time, except I seem to be enjoying this story much more than our son, who says this is super scary, and the bad kind of scary. 139 more words

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The Waiting Game

No matter how much we read or what we’ve heard, rarely is any of it helpful at the time–we search for answers to questions that are barely cognizable. 155 more words