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The Hobbit: The Master

We don’t like the Master, and we’re not supposed to. He fears men. He keeps unpopular opinions to himself. His concern is money. But he is too slow on the uptake to make any definitive decision about the dwarves, and the decision is made for him. 108 more words


Phantom Thread

Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the most singular filmmakers working in cinema today. From the melancholy of Magnolia to the ferocity of There Will Be Blood… 224 more words

Phantom Thread

Decades from now, when somebody inevitably makes a documentary on genius filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson, they will settle on The Master as a title inspiration. Having already bestowed upon the world one of the greatest motion pictures in history (see: … 233 more words

Phantom Thread Movie Review: Challenging, yet deeply fascinating drama!

Ambiguity. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s Mr. Anderson’s favourite word in the dictionary. The American director, often held as one of the best of his generation, has a penchant for creating a cinematic world which is at once captivating and mysterious. 877 more words


GUEST POST - Doctor Who and the Soft Reboot

by Z.P. Moo

It’s an exciting time to be a Doctor Who fan at the moment. We sit on the brink of a new era for the first time since the 2005 relaunch. 2,801 more words

Guest Posts

Phantom Thread (2017)

Early on in Phantom Thread I started thinking about the miniaturized nature of certain segments in the cinema of Paul Thomas Anderson. At the top of this latest film we see Reynolds Woodcock’s morning routine, clearly practiced to the point of automation, nearly mechanical, though the whole scene lasts less than thirty seconds. 837 more words


The Mumford Range: The One with the Emoji Master

This story was originally intended for an abandoned five part Master series.

This story was to be written by Jessica Mumford.

After the series was abandoned, this story has been waiting in the wings after Jessica completed it. 706 more words

The Master