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The Strain: Fort Defiance

Oh good, this weeks episode is slightly better, and just as whacky as  last weeks episode, although there is still too much Zack in it for me. 1,391 more words

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The Strain POP Funko Vinyls!

Hi Vamps,

Funko have released a new set of POP vinyls based on the TV Series version of The Strain!

Pictured below are two from the series, … 17 more words


The Very Best Of - Paul Thomas Anderson

It’s been a long time since I did my last ‘The Very Best Of’ and quite honestly I couldn’t think of a better person to make this about than Paul Thomas Anderson. 823 more words

Paul Thomas Anderson

The Strain: By Any Means

HOLY CRAP! Was this episode bad!

Now normally, I don’t get negative on this site. We are all about the “squee” here at Chez Geek, hence the name. 1,917 more words

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The Strain Season Two: BK, NY

This is a short  primer for those who haven’t watched the first season, which can be watched on Hulu:

An old European vampire named Sardu, and his henchman Eichorn, begin their conquest of NY, aided by a dying corporate wannabe, named Palmer, who thinks  he will gain immortality, if he does the Masters bidding. 1,702 more words

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"What Took You so Long, Old Man?" A Review of the Doctor Who Series 9 Trailer

I am a longtime Whovian, a devotee of the Doctor. I grew up watching Classic Doctor Who, and when Russell T Davies regenerated the show in 2005, I jumped on board the TARDIS with Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor and never quite left. 768 more words

The Strain - "BK, NY" Season Premiere Review

It’s back. It’s back. The Strain and the strigoi are back. You can’t begin to understand how excited for this. Yes, the first season was not perfect. 963 more words