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Occult systems: the trick behind them « Jon Rappoport's Blog

by Jon Rappoport

April 28, 2017

It should be obvious to readers who’ve been with me for a while that I attack delusion in more than one place. 446 more words

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A dream- Psychosis and Spirituality

I had a profound dream.

Neo from the Matrix- looking very Men In Black.  Was psychosis and he said to me, “It’s all relative.”

Psychosis is all relative. 331 more words


Why violence will not help us in our fight against the system

Now the thing is that there’s enough in this world for everyone. Enough happiness, enough love, enough joy and not only material things. But our world is run by pedal to the metal crazy psychopath, shape shifting cabal who themselves are possessed by other vampiric entities who feed on fear generated by us. 529 more words

April 24, 1980: Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara novelisation published

Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara was a novelisation written by Terrance Dicks, based on the 1978 television serial The Androids of Tara. 62 more words

The Matrix

April 24, 1965: Doctor Who - The Space Museum

The Space Museum was the seventh story in the second season of Doctor Who. It was the first story to deal with the dimensions of time as well as space. 190 more words


April 24, 1977: Doctor Who - the TARDIS gets a mini-makeover

A new TARDIS console room [http://www.thedoctorwhosite.co.uk/tardis/interior/season-13-interior/] set designed by Barry Newbery appears, during recording of The Invisible Enemy, after the previous version warped in storage.

The Matrix

THIS is WHY Most Americans Are ASLEEP ~ SGTreport.com

It’s no secret to folks who follow the work of John Taylor Gatto that public schools in the United States amount to little more than state funded indoctrination camps at this point. 138 more words

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