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Happy Thanksgiving. Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin joins me to document the collapse as the global economic meltdown accelerates.

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The Hadron Collider CERN Incident, Interviews by Miles Johnston with Sgt Brad MacBolen

Posted on November 25, 2015 by eve

These are two interviews Miles Johnston conducted, Sgt Brad MacBolen a Milab/Supersoldier insider and also Patti Brassard, who offers technical discussion regarding the recent CERN mishap that occurred last Saturday, November 14, 2015 in Austria. 1,125 more words


Simon Parkes ~ NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER **CERN Explosion** Updated

Note: Simon’s also confirming CERN was taken out. Although, at this time he’s contradicting Sgt. MacBollen’s version of what happened by attributing the “work” solely to Source, rather than the combined efforts of approx 1000 highly skilled remote viewers and Energy Masters using Avatar level skills to change the structure of energy and matter. 498 more words


Reclaiming the Goddess: Stop Using the Name ISIS to Describe a Bunch of Ignorant, Murderous F**ktards

Ed. Note:  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and HONOR the ancient Egyptian Goddess ISIS.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the continued desecration of her name within the power structure of the matrix, or the ongoing use of her name associated with war, terrorism or murdering 100,00’s (possibly millions) of innocent men, women and children <3… 1,568 more words

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Residual Self Image

In the (now old) movie ‘The Matrix‘ Morpheus has just pulled Neo out of The Matrix and is explaining the world he was just pulled out of. 133 more words


James Mcteigue: What Happened After V for Vendetta?

When the Australian director, who served as assistant director on movies like The Matrix Trilogy, Star Wars Episode II and Dark City, made his directorial debut with the political thriller… 223 more words