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Back Down the Rabbit-Hole

My initial reaction to the rumours of a new¬†Matrix movie was a textbook example of violent and impotent fanboy rage. “Are you fucking kidding me? 692 more words


Trapped in a fish bowl

I looked outside from the office where I spend most of the week from the afternoon until dawn the next day. This view has always amazed me. 548 more words

Mass Effect And The Rebirth of Optimistic Science Fiction Part 2

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Cinematic Science Fiction In the 1990s

Towards the end of the 1980s there was a trend for science fiction to return to emphasising the present with the aid of futuristic settings. 1,526 more words


Best of the Worst: Matrix Vs. Transformers

Well hey Internet and welcome back to my oft lauded but little used series that we mortals call: best of the worst. A series that takes the worst movies of a franchise and matches them up one against another to find out which one of these bad movies, is in fact, the worst movie. 601 more words



I will never forget the day I was red-pilled.

Initially I took the blue pill, but the antibiotics I was on rendered it inert. So like, after an hour of awkward silence, just sitting there in front of Morpheus and his posse, waiting to zonk out and wake up in my bed, he offered me the red pill a second time and I was like, “sure, let’s give it a shot”. 72 more words


My Past is a Blurry Polaroid

“There’s a one in billions chance that we are in base reality.” – Elon Musk

The media of my time, and its progression, has altered my memories.

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Something's Not Right

(featured image by Caleb Reyes. Instagram: @cubby113)

I wake up to yet another day in the same room: a space I haunt routinely. I visualize all the days I’ve come and gone and know, today, I will get out of bed the same way I have thousands of times before. 862 more words