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Selling perception ... on the mind-control superhighway—and immortal you

Selling perception of terror attacks (and everything else) on the mind-control superhighway—and immortal you

by Jon Rappoport


September 22, 2016

Selling perception of terror attacks (and everything else) on the mind-control superhighway—and immortal you… 1,373 more words

Voices Of Inspiration & Courage

Remembering What Is Important

All personal memories are supremely valuable. But personal memories are NOT memorized information or externally imposed factoids or knowledge. There is a huge difference: Personal memories exist exclusively within the realm of what has happened to You. 290 more words

Child Abuse

Conscious Explorer - Ancient Past Present Task - Pt16 - Shadow Dance in the Temple of the SELF ~ ServantOfTruth .org

Included are: Richard Alan Miller, Andrew Bartzis, Val Valerian, Gregg Braden, Michael Tsarion, Kerry Cassidy, Andre Hodge, Nickie Thetsy, Lance White, Nathalie, Jeffery Mischlove, Ian R Crane, Itzhak Bentov, Teal Swan, Chris Hales, Helane Lipson, Ram Dass, Danielle Lynn, Doc Barham… 301 more words


Cosmic Disclosure: Encounters with Ancient Sentinels

Season 6, Episode 3

admin    21 Sep 2016

Don’t forget to subscribe to Gaiam TV so you can watch Corey on this, and other episodes of “ 1,854 more words

The Matrix

Nine 90s Movies Way Ahead of Their Time - The Matrix

The Matrix 1999

Sorry for the delay, making the last couple entries got harder and harder as I pushed many movies to the side…but I digress. 638 more words


Selective Memory: Yet Another Human Truth Destroyer

Humans possess selective memory, the ability to both consciously and subconsciously try to forget specific things, while vividly remembering in vibrant detail, other things. Is this a positive mind skill?? 175 more words


Beware of false SSP Whistleblowers ~ Corey Goode Update

Distorting the truth to fit their belief systems and UFO religions.

admin    14 Sep 2016 : 18:06


Please beware of some of the newer “SSP” whistleblowers that have come forward recently. 202 more words

The Matrix