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Personalized Propaganda

We may not be living in Neo’s world of The Matrix, where we exist in a computer program, but we would be foolish to say that we live without a matrix to society. 429 more words

The Spiritually Dead Gatekeepers Of Mainstream News

Source: NoMoreFakeNews.com
Jon Rappoport
December 9, 2016

A new series of realities is on the way.

Centralized information-reality is on the way out.

It’s going to be thrills and chills. 1,009 more words


Machiavellian Intelligence: Why Everything in the Blue Pill World is A Lie

Telling the masses of men to put women on a pedestal is obviously a blue pill myth, designed to create a nation of supplicating, subservient Beta males. 1,388 more words

The Sexes

What's your pill of choice?

Most of you will recognize that epic scene from the Matrix. The one in which Neo is put in front of a choice. For me, leading the scene with a pretty inspirational quote: 267 more words

Life Lessons

Michelle Walling, David Manning - It's Going To Be OK - Dissolving The Matrix - Cosmic Awakening Show



Published on Dec 8, 2016

You definitely want to check this show out!

Host Michelle Walling interviews spiritual energetic technician and interpreter David Manning about Dissolving the matrix and shifting into a New Earth. 96 more words

Rambling About My Favourite Scenes: Neo Can Fly!!

Back in 1999 when The Matrix first popped into theaters, and into most people’s hearts, I was 10 and not a huge fan of movies just yet. 1,018 more words