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What is Transmedia?

What is Transmedia?

Transmedia is telling a story via several different media platforms. In other words, transmedia story telling uses each platform to add something new to the overall narrative, such as simply adapting a novel into movie, a movie into a video game or tv series creating never ending storylines, changing the perspective on an event or character through different viewpoints, continuing a story or movie making a sequel(s) and so on. 340 more words


What in God's name?

1. My blog is named Satan’s Hearse. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? But what might that be, you ask. Hmm, well it might mean one of two things. 1,760 more words


Jupiter Ascending Review

‘Jupiter Ascending’ is the Wachowski Siblings’ latest beautiful misfire

Ever since The Matrix became a cultural phenomenon back in 1999, Andy and Lana Wachowski have been trying to recreate that success. 1,291 more words


The Matrix 

the matrix (1999)

Remember The Matrix?. I do. Mostly,because I drank a Surge and got a big dose of nostalgia for things like Surge,Hi C, and things that happened in 1999… 432 more words


Is The Matrix a psy-op?

The movie The Matrix has been very influential in the so called truth movement. Countless people have used various bits from the movie as analogies of our experience, myself included. 923 more words


Stephen Curry Is A Glitch In The Matrix

See that video above? That sort of boring, routine shootaround footage? Did you watch that shit? You did?  Well, you weren’t supposed to see that. No one was supposed to see that. 171 more words


Enter the Beauty Machine

Hello all! This represents the first of what I hope will be many excavations from the depths of my “mental garage,” little snippets of things that, although I may never publish them, still deserve a forum to be enjoyed by somebody other than yours truly. 535 more words