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[Retro-Review] The Matrix: Path of Neo (2005)

In Path of Neo, developed by Shiny Entertainment and distributed by Atari, you assume the role of the hero of the Matrix trilogy, Neo, and play through the events of the movies from Neo’s point of view, playing out expanded and alternate scenarios from the trilogy, as well as new missions, written by the Wachowski Brothers. 972 more words

Video Games

Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene

Guys; stop what you’re doing… You have to see this if you haven’t already:

Snooperking took 160 hours to re-create a stop-motion video of the lobby shootout scene in The Matrix: 55 more words


'The Matrix' at The Egyptian

‘The Matrix,’ the game-changing Sci-Fi classic, is scheduled for Wednesday April 8th at Boise’s Egyptian Theater.

Boise Classic Movies presents another incredible experience but needs help to make it happen. 25 more words


You Get What You Pay For

Harvey looked at the amount of glassware in the room.  This was a laboratory that defined the word, at least that’s how Harvey saw it.  The blinking lights and the buzz of a lot of electricity flowing into the machines arrayed before him made Harvey want to squeal like a teenager at her first boy band concert.  1,482 more words


Reflexions from outside the cave?

– Winston Smith

There are two worlds, separated by the merest of membranes. There is the world which I and those like me choose to inhabit and there is the other; more populous world of mainstream perceptions. 485 more words

False Flags

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Hello everyone, my name is Stephanie and I’m an Apple-aholic.

From my iPhone to my Macbook Pro, every technology I own is emblazoned with that once-bitten piece of glowing fruit. 183 more words


Cat-Women of the Moon - 1953 - [Public Domain Movies]

This is a classic b-Grade Sci-fi movie from 1953. Leonmard Maltin called it “the best of the So-Bad-it’s-Good movies“. Sometime shown in 3-d, always shown with a score by…

100 more words