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Laneway Isn't Thaaat Hipster

Ola! So it’s Monday and i’m still recovering Laneway. Not that i got pissed drunk or anything but physically it was taxing (on fat bodies at least). 835 more words


The sky is as fluid and calming as the clearest of seas. Gently blurring from a light blue on the horizon from the glow of the setting sun into a majestic, deep purple into the night.

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The Meadow

Plant of the Week

Liquidambar styraciflua:

Every autumn, I look forward to one particular tree. Liquidambar styraciflua (commonly named the American red gum) reveals its beautiful autumn colours from October to December. 85 more words


Falling From Flight

She looks to the sky as once she did.

A ferry crossing to Ocracoke on a cold December evening in 2012. Sunset has turned now to sunrise and  enormous clouds, with their magenta pink and cerulean blue expanses  have become the sign that we, Beloved and I, are crossing back into the ordinary world. 376 more words


The Meadow.

My take on modern poetry, that I wrote while doing physics. So, here is “The Meadow”.

On the beautiful day, I threw my cap away. 220 more words

My Poems

Favorite: Salt!

I have had to take a little break from blogging. The end of summer became crazy busy with trips overseas to visit family and vacation (pretty soon I will post a link here so you can read about it), getting the Lad back in school, and settling back into our time zone and schedules. 397 more words