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Don't Despise Your 'Boat'

Today of all days (I’m writing this on Good Friday) I am reminded that our God is a God of miracles! After all it was our God that hung on the cross and literally died for our sins, only to rise again three days later and in the process free us all from the curse of death (if you didn’t already shout “Hallelujah!”). 1,564 more words


Taking God Out of the Equation

One of my favourite pass-times as a young, relatively “normal” woman is meeting new people and dropping the “C-bomb”. It’s not that I like to gloat my beliefs over people or pretend that I’m better than anyone just because I believe in the Living God (because, hello, I’m definitely not better than anyone else), but I just genuinely enjoy watching people’s reactions when I tell them I’m a Christian. 1,196 more words


Shrubbery Clearance

Between the Orchard and the rest of the garden is a shrubbery bed which had become very overgrown and presented more as a hedge than a shrubbery.  223 more words


Tree Felling

Whilst the hotel is closed for renovations we are taking the opportunity to make a lot of noise in the garden, including some tree felling.  Jon, the forester who has been working on the larger Gravetye estate for the last couple of years, has begun some large clearance projects which will open up neglected parts of the garden and help some of the more special trees to flourish.  98 more words


Meadow cutting

Autumn is a busy time in the garden, preparing for the spring before rough weather starts to delay us.  There are always so many jobs to do but if we can only get one thing done it is to cut our meadow before winter sinks in.  221 more words

Plant of the Week

Liquidambar Styraciflua
This is one of the most beautiful trees on the estate and I think it must be a particularly special seedling. Its’ one of the first trees to turn colour and keeps its beautiful red leaves almost up until Christmas. 32 more words