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Remembering the Anzacs

Today is one of the most loved days on the Australian calendar. Anzac Day is loved and revered by Aussies both old and young. It probably has different meaning for both, for some it is a hard day where they are forced to think back on old memories, remember things that should never have happened let alone be remembered, for others it’s a holiday and a reason to celebrate being Australian, an Aussie flag thrown around the shoulders as proof of allegiance or a sense of belonging – this could be at one of the thousands of dawn services that occur throughout Australia or at a barbeque held at the house of a mate. 768 more words

Times they are a changin'

Autumn is definitely here. On our early morning walks the mist hangs like spun fairy floss in the curves of the hills, the farmers have baled all the summer grass for winter feeding of the cattle, the horses boast coloured rugs against the colder nights and our thoughts turn to ordering wood for the fire and enjoying slow cooked food with some big reds. 816 more words

Apple Bites

We are changing our usual tune and exploring multiple culinary spots.  This time we are diving into the greatest specialty stores in the city:

La Boite… 335 more words

Apple Peeled

Page of Coins

Placement: The Minor Arcana


A young person stands in a flowery meadow in front of a golden or white sky. She or he or they or ze wears bright colours and holds up a coin the size of her/his/their/zir head, and shows it off. 516 more words

No News Is Probably Bad News

The Meadow

Green grasses and colorful wildflowers.

I see them waltzing with the breezing air,

using the sounds of the wind’s direction.

It is like living in a house with a soft ground, 182 more words


The Meadow

by Talia Vukotich

“Sloane. Today’s the day. It’s been two years since Mom died. Two years since Dad started drinking. Two years since you stopped talking.” I looked at his face. 1,122 more words

Passion Through Words

We made it!!

Wow – a whole year in The Meadow!
It’s gone so fast, we’ve learned so much and we’re still married!! That’s got to be a plus right??? 935 more words