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Adventures in voluntary buyouts: Volunteer, or you will be volunteered

Remember when Gannett announced a new round of early retirement incentives aimed at cutting the numbers of senior (i.e. high-cost) staff? Well, the deadline is almost upon us. 274 more words

The Media

Free Download Of "2016" Through October 12.

by Jerry Alatalo

After publishing “2016” a few weeks ago at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, clients of Smashwords can create discount coupons for giveaways of digital books to potential readers – more commonly known as “creating a buzz”. 163 more words

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Tarantino's Foot Fetish Hurts Us

Last week I was directed to an article on Movie News Guide about Quentin Tarantino’s comments regarding his love for VHS and disdain for streaming services. 377 more words

Foot Fetish


It used to be said, that the BBC’ was too left-wing, sadly it was never Left-Wing enough, after all, it is  the masses who pay their’  so overly generous wages…wages… that they…the masses could never dream of , even if they did three job’s. 1,643 more words

According to Steven Seagal, Mass Shootings Are Engineered... LOLWUT?

There are few things as vile to me as writing off genuine tragedies as either hoaxes or false flag operations.  The Neo-Nazis did it with the Holocaust, and now third-rate actor, martial artist and general loudmouth Steven Seagal is doing it with the mass shooting epidemic in the U.S.  709 more words


Editorializing by Photograph, Free Press style

It’s Thursday, which means the Burlington Free Press brings us the weekly excretion from the mind of Art Woolf, Vermont’s Leading Economist On Retainer. Woolf’s column is the usual stuff: a handful of statistics and some shallow speculation on What It All Means. 353 more words

The Media

CNN Blunder

Would seem Senator John McCain is very busy contriving War in the Middle East.

We can now ascertain from the Ukraine as to why his reputation, a modern-day psychopath proceeds him. 34 more words

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