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Everyone I Don’t Like is a Fox News Bot

If you disagree with someone, that person must be a conservative.  And if you disagree with a fact, it must’ve come from Fox News. 🙄


#MakeAChange - Non Reusable/Recyclable Plastic

The impact of non recyclable plastic is shocking and the fact there’s so much of it genuinely upsets me. I’ve recently signed a petition to ban plastic wrapping on fruit and veg in supermarkets, because really we only need a biodegradable/recyclable paper bags to carry our purchases home. 17 more words



In order for us to understand why conspiracies are being waged against Turkey we must go back to the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate in 1924. 930 more words


While the Left Smears Kavanaugh, Allegations Against Ellison and Other Dems Are Ignored (UPDATED)

Christine Blasey Ford is a left wing professor at Palo Alto University in California who accuses Judge Brett Kavanaugh of  “trying to attack me and remove my clothing” decades ago at a party in Maryland, when they were both teens in high school. 1,051 more words


'What do the Lib Dems believe in?'

It’s one of the questions that most often bounces around the media and Twittersphere regarding my party. It’s often diagnosed as the cause of all the party’s ills that after Coalition it can’t establish its place and purpose in the British political system until it understands what it believes in. 879 more words

Lib Dems

Dorsey Admits Conservative Twitter Employees 'Don't Feel Safe to Express Their Opinions'

They treat their conservative employees the same as conservative Twitter posters.

Via Washington Times

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Friday lamented that conservative employees at the social media giant “don’t feel safe” to freely express their political opinions at work.

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