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ICYMI: Creedo

I would be remiss, in talking about Neil Gaiman’s new book The View From The Cheap Seats if I didn’t also link to this creed, one of the most powerful pieces in the new compendium. 31 more words

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Donald Trump is Allergic to the Truth

Donald Trump is a lying liar.  If he had cut down Washington’s cherry tree he would have called into CNN and claimed a miniature tornado picked up the hatchet and repeatedly spun it against the tree until it fell. 567 more words

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TRUMP: The Warning Signs Continue To Fall On Deaf Ears And Blind Eyes

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece explaining how and why the comparisons between Donald Trump and the 1930’s version of Adolf Hitler are accurate and warranted ( 1,070 more words


But why, VPR?

Vermont Public Radio is the most richly endowed media operation in the state. It sits securely atop the nonprofit world as well, and many nonprofits privately bemoan VPR’s ability to suck all the oxygen out of the room. 714 more words

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Eva Nickel: “Every EU citizen’s country is Europe”

Eva Nickel, 37, grew up in Luxembourg and moved to London to study law. Eva lives in South London with her British partner and three daughters and is employed as a solicitor for a consumer authority. 602 more words

Oh, So There Are No Extraterrestrials, Eh? / Barack Obama'Will Reveal Alien And UFO Details Held By The US Before He Leaves Office'

“Those who don’t know, don’t know that they don’t know”

All those who have taken authority for truth, rather than truth as authority are about to be mortified, see here…

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My opinions on Clinton v Sanders are hardly a secret, but two aspects of New York Times op-ed page coverage of the election always irked me. 164 more words

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