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Anti-Cannabis Cult At Kings College Punts Another Scare Story.

It’s the Institute of Psychiatry at Kings College London, yet again, with another terrifying story about cannabis that is immediately distorted, exaggerated and misrepresented by the scientifically illiterate hacks of Fleet Street. 600 more words


CNN Journo Colluded With Hillary's Campaign to Attack GOP

But she’s in the political sack with the Dems, so it’s okay.

From Breitbart.

Looks like we might have a smoking gun email proving what we’ve known for years: that CNN really is the Clinton News Network.

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Amal Clooney: Defender of the Muslim Brotherhood

I will update this with commentary and added sources after the Thanksgiving holiday. Until then, please consider this in line with all I’ve said about the Clooneys, including her as a pawn to soften the image of radical Islam in the west as the invasion continues full throttle: 506 more words

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Pomp and Cowardice

The first effect of fear is to sharpen our self-preservation and to enhance our awareness of danger. Those instincts are useful, but hyperbolic—they claim the unfamiliar is more dangerous than it is, and the familiar more benign than we should reasonably presume. 453 more words

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