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Sheriff David Clarke called someone a racial slur on Twitter, and things went down hill from there

On Tuesday morning, Sheriff David Clarke, the Milwaukee County Sheriff best known for his appearances on Fox News, called a CNN political pundit a racial slur. 435 more words

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John McCain isn't too happy that the United States is being invited to be involved in the Middle East

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has spent much time focusing on Russian interference in the American election, even calling for an investigative committee on the matter. McCain, like several of his colleagues, has expressed great concern for evidence of any sort of foreign influence in the American system, even stating “the issue of cyber is not a static issue.” 205 more words

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Things got pretty crazy when a CNN analyst accused a member of Trump's diversity team of being a "mediocre Negro"

A heated debate over between CNN analyst Marc Lamont Hill and Bruce LeVell, a member of President-elect Donald Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, quickly turned racial on Monday evening. 317 more words

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Rick Santorum will be on your TV soon

Ex-Senator and two-time Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has announced a new position with CNN, assuming the role of Senior Political Correspondent for the network. 275 more words

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Toxic Waste (save yourself)

Okay, so here we are, this is my forty second blog post (on this particular run) and as we all know, the number forty two is… 726 more words


Here are the bikers who have volunteered to "form a wall of meat" to protect President-elect Donald Trump

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On a segment of “FOX & Friends Weekend,” Chris Cox, founder of Bikers for Trump, spoke of his organization’s plans to act as security against protesters during President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. 241 more words

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Donald Trump's latest bold move declares war on the press — here's why it's a bad idea

In case members of the national press needed any more evidence that Donald Trump will take a more adversarial approach to them, all they had to do was read… 601 more words

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