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This is why Sean Hannity thinks Jon Stewart is a hypocrite for his criticism of Fox and Trump

24 hours after Jon Stewart ripped into Sean Hannity and Fox News over their unabashed support of Donald Trump, Hannity responded with his own criticism of the former late night host. 196 more words

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"He wants to make America white again" - Bill Maher unloads on Donald Trump

After spending much of his week doing special broadcasts live from Cleveland, comedian and political satirist Bill Maher recapped the 2016 Republican National Convention on his TV program, Friday night. 286 more words

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Selected posts from this blog can also be found on odd occasions at The Australian Independent Media Network (AIMN). Here are links to a few of the more recent… 233 more words


Take it up with the [Founding] Fathers: Jon Stewart rips into Sean Hannity and Co., just like old times

In a 10-minute monologue delivered on Thursday’s episode of “The Late Show with Steven Colbert,” Jon Stewart returned to the airwaves to deliver the type of political commentary that Americans grew to love over while he was host of “The Daily Show.” 223 more words

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Jon Stewart returned to the airwaves and gave Americans a much anticipated wake-up call

When it was announced last week that Jon Stewart would appear on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” people expected great things — the greatest things, the types of things this country has needed for a long time. 437 more words

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Alex Jones Invades The Young Turk's Set

There is much about Alex Jones that annoys me, like his constant interrupting of guests and his constant use of absurd hyperbole. But I can’t help but love the guy, and tonight he reminded me of why. 579 more words

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Coincidence?  Trump borrowed the Clinton mass media saturation/scorched earth strategy to wage his “GOP Insurgency”, which relied on media elite collusion to give him 24/7 news cycle control for the primary.   179 more words