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Enhancing the role of women in dealing with youth extremism in the Mediterranean Region

Efforts to fight extremism among young people need to include the integration of women at all levels and see them treated them as equal partners with men. 61 more words

Councillor Mary Freehill

Mediterranean Region - the Participation of Young People

Youth initiatives in societies that are highly vulnerable to recruitment by extremism,

such as those in border areas, in particular, should be given financial support. Local… 42 more words

Councillor Mary Freehill

Promoting the role of local authorities in the Mediterranean Region

In order to prevent extremism, local people must be given opportunities, and local

councils should play a key role in designing and implementing programmes that… 61 more words

Councillor Mary Freehill

Role of subnational authorities in the Mediterranean region in dealing with violent bigotry and extremism among young people

Due to its unprecedented spread, reaching almost every part of the world, terrorism is one of the most dangerous and complex phenomena facing our contemporary world. 349 more words

Councillor Mary Freehill

Economic participation and employment the Mediterranean Region

There are many barriers to women’s full participation in the workforce, particularly, the lack of affordable and accessible childcare/elder care. Women’s unpaid labour limits their capacity to participate in income generating activities as they spend twice as much time on domestic unpaid work as men. 262 more words

Councillor Mary Freehill

Women in leadership roles the Mediterranean Region

The balanced participation of men and women in decision-making structures is a sine qua non of a democratic society. The under-representation of women in elected and nominated political positions is a democratic deficit that undermines the legitimacy of decision-making. 323 more words

Councillor Mary Freehill

Gender stereotyping and social norms the Mediterranean

While recognising the need for a strong legislative equality framework, legislation is just one aspect of achieving gender equality. In many countries, prevailing cultural norms, traditional gender roles and discriminatory practices persist and thus perpetuate structural and institutional gender inequality. 139 more words

Councillor Mary Freehill