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Modalities of Colonization and Hellenic Cyrene

The increasingly well traversed Seventh century (BCE) Mediterranean witnessed the colonization of some it’s most prized jewels by a more confident Aegean circle (mainland Greece). From their various mother-cities, Greeks often set out under the commands of the Delphi Oracle to fulfill Apollo’s wishes to colonize far-off lands. 1,483 more words

Palm Trees And Rain

Husb and I just arrived in Malta in the Mediterranean today. It’s got palm trees and rain. Just like home. But it’s warmer, fair dos mun. 42 more words


Shifts in Mediterranean fish farming increase pressure on wild fish stocks

Fish farming in the Mediterranean has increasingly shifted from producing fish such as grey mullet, which are herbivores near the bottom of the food chain, to species such as sea bass, which are predators. 63 more words


A Storm but not a Hurricane

So yesterday one of the local newspapers reported the following: “MaltaWeatherSite.com issued an alert warning of severe and damaging wind gusts from a southerly direction as the eye of the Mediterranean cyclone moves across the Maltese Islands. 308 more words


Review of Peregrine Horden and Nicholas Purcell, The Corrupting Sea: A Study of Mediterranean History (Oxford: Blackwell, 2000) £24.69 ISBN: 978-0-631-21890-6 (Paperback)

Reviewed by Marie Clare

The Corrupting Sea is the first of two volumes which studies the whole of the Mediterranean over a long time period. In its many pages the authors explain their methods of studying the Mediterranean, introducing an approach of breaking down the whole of the Mediterranean area into “microregions”. 1,969 more words

Book Review

A War Quartet

The Mediterranean 2014

Blood on the sand. Salt water runs in the wounds.
It is a hundred years and time heals. A people gathers
At the tide’s edge, swims in a bleary sea… 377 more words

The Great War


The Mediterranean is a symbol of knowledge, creativity, and wisdom. The search for the meaning of life, the love of people and nature is dominant in this area. 31 more words