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The Mediterranean #13

Here is some more mountains and large shipping boats.


A growing desert

The world is getting warmer. Since 1880, the average temperature has increased with one degree. But is this an issue? What will be the effects? 244 more words

The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean #5

Happy New Year! Here are some more mountains to get you through the next year.


Weather Reports

Today Sapphire Class did some more learning about the Mediterranean by creating a weather report for countries around the Mediterranean.

First we had to research weather in the Mediterranean using the internet and create a weather map. 16 more words

How do we contribute to water scarcity elsewhere?

A healthy and balanced diet contains various products. To live healthy, we consume a certain amount of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and such a day. It is safe to say that our feeding patterns are rather extensive. 216 more words

The Mediterranean

Water scarcity near us?

We live in a fully developed, globalized world that has grown into a multi-dimensional society, inhabited by 7 billion people. This global village craves continuous satisfaction and sustainability of basic needs, like food, water, clothes etcetera. 238 more words

The Mediterranean

This Week in History: West Vs East in the Battle of Lepanto

This week saw arguably one of the greatest naval battles of the Renaissance period, as the Ottoman Empire’s fleet suffered their first major┬ádefeat at the hands of Christian forces. 253 more words

This Week In History