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Help me to answer a child honestly today, asking when we lost “The American Way“?

Help me to answer a child honestly today, asking when we lost “The American Way“?
I need help in explaining the America allowed by this nation today,
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Trump and THE MEEK Plan?

Born in the Fifty’s, saw JFK die in the Sixty’s, enlisted in the Seventy’s as a young teen.
Papers, few channels of TV then, stage both live and movie, patriotism was always seen.
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The Meek, Frank Zappa, and The Life of Brian

Two days ago, for the second time, we poached a devotional blog post for C201 from The King’s English, an interestingly named site considering the goal is to work through King James Version verses phrase by phrase. 628 more words


The Meek

In my quest to find wisdom through scripture, I come back again and again to certain passages. Today I’m stuck on the Sermon on the Mount and the meek. 433 more words

Seeking Wisdom

"The meek HAS inherited the earth! ~ The Glory IS in us!!" ~ Mother Earth.

I woke up with an amazing explanation of what the three-day package of the Now moment really means and pretty much, how it works, how we work it all the time.   2,664 more words

The Shift

I could explain everything, if I only had more time and a population which actually wanted to know everything.

I know what is going on and can explain the why’s of our existence.

I say they gave it to me, you may say differently, but if I were able to focus on my writings without starving in the meantime, I would turn this world upside down and inside out. 87 more words

In Search Of Truth