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Sermon on the Mount - The Meek and Those Who Hunger & Thirst

Matthew 5:3-6

Las week, I only made it through verses 3 & 4, so this week I’ll wrap up the first section of the Beatitudes and go through verses 5 & 6. 953 more words

Bible Study

Review: The Meek by Der-shing Helmer


My favorite webcomic has finally made its way into print (I DID MY WAITING. SEVEN YEARS OF IT–), and what a print it is. 403 more words



We’ve all heard this tired old saying about the meek inheriting the earth, (not the above garden sign), and rarely understood it. Meek  does mean humble, but does not imply weakness.   105 more words

Warehouse Town

What has begun this earth could be its demise.

Creativity has lost its direction.

The meek forgotten and no rain in hand.

The thirsty reign. 103 more words


All things work together

When St. Paul writes, “All things work together toward good for those that love God”, he seems to be laying out a principle of “Christian Karma”. 203 more words