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Matt's Weekly Playlist, 8.18.16

As some of you may have noticed, I am from Scranton, PA and have a great deal of affinity for my hometown. Something that I especially love about Scrantland (other than the fact that Vice President Joe Biden was born there) is that a lot of bands from the NEPA/Scranton scene have gone on to become big time punk/indie acts, so this playlist is an introduction to those bands. 463 more words


Listen to The Menzingers New Song "Lookers"

On Friday, The Menzingers released their new song “Lookers” via Noisey. Back in May, the Philly transplants took to social media to announce the completion of their upcoming 5th album, After the Party, produced by Will Yip. 208 more words


"lookers" or losers? a new track from the menzingers

this will be an attempt at creating an unbiased view of one of my favorite bands of all time. the up and coming band known as… 358 more words


A brief aside on politics in music

A musician’s current role in society, like all of the great artistic traditions, is multi-faceted and at times, seemingly contradictory. I’ve argued at great length with quite a few people about this, in varying states of inebriation and coherence, but to no avail, often ending with more questions that need answering than a single cogent answer. 783 more words


Forever Beautiful Compilation: "Everybody Should be Doing What They Can."

After the tragic shooting at Orlando’s Pulse night club, Orlando residents Adam D’Angelo and Sean Rice, like many other people, wanted to do something to help but didn’t know what to do. 1,740 more words


Five Albums

I am turning 26 next month, which is scary as shit. Every year my age seems just a little bit scarier, you feel me?

Twenty-five has been less than kind to me and has been the hardest year of my life. 161 more words