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Psalm 27 - Is there anybody out there?

Listen, God, I’m calling at the top of my lungs:

“Be good to me! Answer me!”

Oh Boy! I would be willing to bet, if I was a gambling man, that every Christian and a lot of others have felt like this some days. 471 more words


Psalm 27 - There is a song in my heart

I’m headed for his place to offer anthems

that will raise the roof!

Already I’m singing God-songs;

I’m making music to God.

It is amazing how when you think of Jesus, the ebodiment of the grace of God, a song springs up in your heart. 328 more words


Psalm 27 - Standing tall

God holds me head and shoulders

above all who try to pull me down.

How often do you feel like you are drowning? The struggles and tribulations that surround you are forcing you to swim with all your waning strength and it honestly feels like you can no longer hold your head above the water. 423 more words


Psalm 27 - Study

I’ll study at his feet.

The secret to fruitful study is to tap into the best source for the subject we seek to know more about. 540 more words


Psalm 27 - heaven today

I’ll contemplate his beauty;

Oh yes! One day when my race is run, when I have suffered all, I will eventually escape from this harsh world and the Lord will take me home. 451 more words


Psalm 27 - Whole Life.

To live with him in his house

my whole life long.


David understood that his relationship with God was not to secure a one day in the future room in a house. 351 more words


Psalm 27 - One thing, everything.

I’m asking God for one thing,

only one thing:

To live with him in his house

my whole life long.

I suppose it is true that all religions have an offer to supply you with a god, or at least they offer you a way to access a form of god. 485 more words