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Satan and His Boys of Light

…Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness…

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The Message Of The Bible

His Love - Our Response

All lessons have been copied or edited, and posted with permission from Jim Mcguiggan. You are reading #7¬†from 8 lessons (#1 In the Beginning, #2 The Servant Nation, #3 Blessing & Rebellion, #4 The Promised One, #5 All Things Made New, #6 The Gifts He Brings, … 1,344 more words

Core Studies

Christianity Answers our Universal Amnesia (Worldview pt. 4)

We Were in a Bad Crash

But it was no accident when Eve disobeyed God and Adam let her. It was a willing crash into the brick wall of death while going 1,000 miles per hour, and all while the whole human race slept in the back seat. 1,101 more words

Understanding The Culture

Can we Agree on This? Christian Worldview pt. 3

A reader asked me to define “Christian Worldview” before I go on any further in this series. Although I was doing so implicitly, it gave me the opportunity to answer him from the best of my understanding. 700 more words

Understanding The Culture

Why is Christianity Ultra-Divided? (Worldview pt. 2)

Big Tent

Out of all the people who are counted in the big Christian family – over 2 billion alive today – the variation in beliefs is incredibly, depressingly broad. 1,062 more words

Understanding The Culture

Christianity as the True Worldview pt. 1

Allow me to Defend Christianity

Many times I hear folks dismiss the Bible as an accurate record of history because the Old Testament stories are too far-fetched. 815 more words

The Message Of The Bible

Either Rome or Reformation - Not Both (Repost)

Originally posted 4/5/12, this was a part of a debate I had with a Roman Catholic. The original question was “Do Roman Catholics Have the Gospel?” Please read and share – I put a lot of work into this post. 2,880 more words

The Message Of The Bible