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Documentary of the week: Eternal Life

Can we cure aging? That’s the theme of this weeks documentary. Some scientists think that we will be able to do this in the foreseeable future, and think it’s likely that many of the people who already are alive today will live on for thousands of years. 97 more words


Achieving Immortality in This Lifetime

Forever is a long time…What would you do if you had “forever” to accomplish all that you wanted, learn all the languages, have children over several generations, start many different businesses, travel the world, and…? 186 more words

Life Issues

The Mprize

In my latest issue of TIME magazine they have a special series of articles entitled, “10 Ideas That Are Changing The World.” ¬†One of those articles coins the term “amortality” referring to the increased desire and ability to prolong life and the appearance of life (ie. 218 more words


Only In America

Methuselah, the Old Testament’s oldest character lived to the grand old age of 969. This helpful guide explains where he fits in.

4004 BC (Monday 23rd October)- Creation… 84 more words

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