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Radnor and Lee - Sydney 20/05/2018

Last night I saw this duo live at The Metro, and I loved it. I was up the front and enjoyed their music live.

They are a great duo band, and if you enjoy folk music or even if you don’t, check them out you won’t be disappointed. 66 more words


Monday 16th April

Sparks from Trump’s tweet light

a bombing raid, claims Corbyn,

firing shots at May

(From front page of Metro newspaper, Monday 16 April 2018, UK)
Front Page

Time to Forget

It’s rather interesting, and a bit scary, how well time can erase memories. This flier is to the Metro in Chicago, circa: 2001, and it was preserved because our music-hoarding clan jotted down to the windy city to attend the August 23rd Please for Peace tour featuring Hot Water Music and Alkaline Trio, among others. 81 more words


Newspapers on the way out?

Much has been thought up, said, written and debated in this argument over the lifespan of newspapers in the 21st century and digital age. I’ll start by saying that my opinion is newspapers will never be extinct. 535 more words


First or right - Which counts?

As part of my degree in Sports Journalism it has been made abundantly clear that you have to be right. You cannot under any circumstances put anything out there that is wrong, unfair, or even a small twist of the truth. 479 more words


Scott, an American, posts a long [v.long] list of cultural differences between us

This story isn’t recent. It’s a couple of years old. It’s in the Metro  HERE. Scott, from America posts a very long list of the cultural differences between America and England on his Facebook page. 977 more words


When commuting gets too much...

Commuting is exhausting. Sounds ridiculous I know, I mean come on, what can be tiring about sitting on a train watching the world go by, reading, watching catch up TV, listing to music, but believe me, it really is. 545 more words