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Notes They Leave Behind

Finding notes tucked between pages of a used book, makes me think about the former book owner’s life. That leads me to wondering how a book ends up where it does. 368 more words

Virginia Woolf on George Eliot

Excerpted from The Common Reader, 1925, accessed here via Project Gutenberg


To read George Eliot attentively is to become aware how little one knows about her. 3,747 more words


All of Book 2

So, yes, this is definitely picking up speed and an enjoyable read.

Tom goes off to his new school taught by the enterprising (money loving, debt-ridden) schoolmaster/priest and his gold-digging wife. 520 more words


Book 1, Chapters 7-13

So maybe it’s just that Eliot’s writing is an easier fit for my preferences, but this book is moving along well at the moment, and I’m enjoying it. 386 more words


Reading now I

Earlier this year I finally finished the six tome work My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgaard. I cheated during the last book. There is a long essay on Hitler among other things, and I just couldn’t get through it. 874 more words

Book 1, Ch 4-6

Maggie (9 years old) is very excited for her much adored brother (Tom, 13 years old) to come back from his school.

She’s mad that her mom tries to curl her hair (and that she couldn’t go along to pick up Tom) so she goes up to the attic and takes it out on this sort of voodoo doll she’s made for herself the book calls “a Fetish.” She enjoys poking nails into its head and smashing/grinding its head and body into the brick chimneys that go through the attic. 555 more words


Book 1, Ch 1-3

So, an interesting start.

First we get this framing of the setting – the narrator remembering this fictional place, seeing a little girl by a mill, then waking up. 478 more words