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“For writers, the last sentences aren’t about reader responsibility at all — it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to stop worrying about what comes next, because nothing does.

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A arte de dividir um livro em capítulos | Litera Tortura
My essay “The Art of the Chapter,” which originally appeared on The Millions, has been translated into Portuguese! 6 more words

The Art of the Final Sentence | The Millions
Unlike almost all other elements of fiction, the final lines do not participate in the project of keeping a reader reading. 45 more words

On Cultural Trespassing, or Writing What You Only Sort of Know

Two weeks ago, I was near Palm Springs, Calif., covering a wheelchair tennis tournament as part of a bigger story that will be published, in a publication to be announced, later this year. 546 more words

The Art of the Chapter at The Millions

Ever edited a large work and wondered how to organize the chapters? This piece by Jonathan Russell Clark in The Millions gives some great insight. The way we authors set up our chapters and sections of our books makes the reading a lot easier for everyone who isn’t us and hasn’t spent time with the story for years. 40 more words

The Art of the Chapter | The Millions
You want to know how weird and deep my rabbit hole goes? I’ve developed what I’ll call an eccentricity about chapters.  16 more words