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Show Wars: New Girl vs The Mindy Project

As I am currently working my way through The Mindy Project I can’t help but realise the similarities between the two shows. Both of them staring a strong female comic with previous comedic experience, both having a diverse ensemble cast and both having wacky storylines each week about a twenty-something juggling her career, love and friendships. 1,040 more words


The best friend mindset

Our minds are really incredible things. I have been reading a lot of articles lately about the difference between successful vs non-successful people, or even hot vs not hot girls (horrible title, but the article was really good) and they all seem to imply that a huge part of it is due to a shift in mindset. 722 more words

How Watching TV in 2015 Has Made Me a Better Feminist – And a Better Person

By Emma Benshoff.

This year (and particularly this semester), I’ve watched a lot of TV. Like, a lot. We’re talking seven seasons of Parks & Recreation, … 1,411 more words

Interesting Read: 7 Things to Learn from Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling played one of my favorite characters on the Office. Not only is she a great actress/comedian, but she’s an author, a director, and a hilarious comedian. 183 more words

Career Empowerment

Time flies when you're doing nothing

So it’s been a whole week since I last posted, miss me? I thought about it a lot but I just didn’t have anything I wanted to share. 297 more words


What's you if you're not you?

Have you ever found yourself staring, stalking, even obsessing over someone? This doesn’t even have to be a famous person. It could be a peer or just someone that you’ve seen on social media. 455 more words

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7 Reasons to Get Hulu

I think just about everybody has Netflix at this point. It’s a great resource for movie nights and those days where you do nothing but binge-watch the latest Netflix Original. 302 more words