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Thoughtful Thursday - Vocation vs. Avocation

Why did I choose daily blogging as an impossible goal for 2018? I am looking for my why. One thing I have learned is that I am a writer. 404 more words

Self Discovery

Future Self Friday-Planning to Excel

I had a coaching call this afternoon. In preparing for my ten-minute chat with my coach I did a thought download to figure out with what exactly I wanted help. 845 more words

Self Discovery

Sabbath edition: the role of the Spirit in the Model

In the last women’s conference, Sister Neill F. Marriott gave a talk called Abiding in God and Repairing the Breach. In that talk she told a personal story that I am going to quote here: 322 more words


"Should" is a red flag

A quick post today to let you know the word “should” is a RED FLAG. Some languages don’t even include this word!

“Should” shows up in your thoughts. 101 more words


Results are proof of your thoughts

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In the model (CTFAR), your results will always be proof of your thoughts. When you are “running a model,” (which means writing down your circumstance, thought, feeling(s), action and result) you can start anywhere. 326 more words


Evidence of the Model in the Scriptures

Our stake holds an Adult Education class where members and friends can come and be taught the Gospel during a Tuesday morning. I love it. I always feel so inspired, and it has often brought blessings to my life. 504 more words


How to get results

Let’s talk about results. We all want “results” in our lives, but are we defining them clearly?

Circumstance–>triggers your…
Thought–>produces a…
Feeling–>causes an… 397 more words