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Death Grips Release Cryptic Live Performance Video

Experimental hip hop band Death Grips have released a new video on their YouTube that appears to show the band playing a few songs live. The video and audio are of low quality so it’s difficult to tell what exactly is going on in the video. 66 more words


Why Do People Like Abrasive Music?

This is an article I’ve been thinking about writing for awhile. For starters, it gives me a chance to talk about one of my favorite bands in contemporary music. 850 more words


Noided Legend pt. 1

*Originally Written
12/27/14, 4:12 AM

When it comes to anything really, I always want something “different”; something out of the norm, ostracized or weird that others may find distasteful, bizarre if you will.. 1,509 more words

Death Grips Scared Me into Being a Better Person

Back in 2011 when skinny jeans, floppy hair and being nice to your parents was en vogue, I’d had enough of being part of mainstream culture. 738 more words


The Death Grips Spectrum

How One Group Changed the Face of Hip-Hop in Just Three Years

On July 2nd the highly influential noise-hop and experimental hip-hop outfit known as Death Grips released what may be their final statement: They had “officially stopped”. 809 more words


Death Grips

Brace yourself. Death Grips are a 3-piece punk/electro/hip-hop group based out of Sacremento since 2010. Fronted by the enigmatic, fire-breathing dragon, vocalist Stefan “MC Ride” Burnett, these dudes stormed the universe with unabashed reckless abandon. 390 more words