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The Monk - Part 34

Laneg was sitting in a small rectangular and heavily insulated room with a large pair of television screens dominating one of the long walls. There was a semicircular table arranged in front of the screens with space for four people to sit at. 3,006 more words

The Monk

The Monk - Part 32

Jodie nervously drove the car through the back streets to the hospital, while Suvarin reclined peacefully in the passenger seat. Jodie had pleaded again with Suvarin not to go into work today, but Suvarin insisted on the grounds that it would raise too many questions. 1,792 more words

The Monk

The Monk - Part 31

The conversation with Kent regarding the first revelation was exciting Oriana. She decided that instead of heading directly home from the library she would take a detour through the park and thus allow herself the leisure of reflection. 1,829 more words

The Monk

'The gloomy and sublime kind of terror' of Ann Radcliffe and Shakespeare

In an essay written in 1920, Clara McIntyre argues that the very term Gothic is a misnomer, that:

The novels of Mrs Radcliffe and her followers … are not an expression of the life and spirit of the Middle Ages, if this is what the term Gothic means. 2,009 more words

The Naro Escape: Le Moine

Ah, the wonders of M.G. Lewis. Oh sure, Walpole’s 1764 Castle Of Otranto is considered the first horror novel, but give me Lewis’s The Monk… 530 more words

Studies, Reading List, and Book Club

A few things have happened since I last updated this blog: The Shelley Conference 2017 took place at the Senate House (you can see my report… 640 more words


The Monk - Part 30

When Roman Laneg turned fifty four years of age both his parents had died: First his mother went, then his father followed her to the grave four weeks later. 2,189 more words

The Monk