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It's Great That Paul Williams Is 'Still Alive' :

Still Alive is a very different movie to the one that I was expecting. Before watching it, I knew Paul Williams for one monumental performance in the horror classic Phantom Of The Paradise. 402 more words

"Where are they now?" No, "What happened to them?"

I’m a fan of nostalgia. Like many my age (early 60s), I’m sure I’m not alone in this. How many of us laughed when, in “Back to the Future,” the McFly family of the 1950s was laughing at an episode of “The Honeymooners” that Marty had seen many times, but in the past, it was airing live. 483 more words

Davy Jones-Inspired Lovebead Necklace

Lovebead necklace inspired by the same worn by Davy Jones in 1967! 6 more words


Del Shannon - The House Where Nobody Lived / Gemini

Sticking with the theme of Baby Boomer icons jettisoning their squeaky clean images in order to get more traction with the burgeoning counter culture, we turn to Del Shannon and his mid-to-late sixties recording sessions. 396 more words

Top 10 Songs In Kendallworld This Week :

1. Gunga Din – The Libertines
2. Common People (live) – Amanda Palmer
3. For Lovers – Hannah Golightly
4. Animal – Pearl Jam
5. Hey Man, Nice Shot – Filter… 26 more words

Braid: How did NDP's Joe Ceci end up at Harper chest-thumper?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s annual Stampede barbecue is always held in a tent, but this year it sounded more like a locker-room, with hooting, cheering, backslapping and fierce calls to destroy the other team. 638 more words

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