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Skip's Quips: Continuing to Relish 'A Hard Day's Night'

After watching a sobering documentary on the 1960s TV band The Monkees last night, I tuned in to more lighthearted fare: Richard Lester’s classic Beatles film… 195 more words


Sing Your Life: April A-Z Blog Challenge: M

It was bound to happen. I was bound to get sick of the sound of my own bloggery voice, and that day came yesterday. (Hence no post but also because I was shattered from painting a fence.) However, I said I’d do this challenge, as much a test of my own resilience and time management as anything, so here we are at… 1,588 more words

General Rambliings

15th April 2015: Covers Week - Day 3: Zia - Man Kiam

Language – Persian

Cover – I’m A Believer (written by Neil Diamond)

A Monkees cover in Iranian waltz time – does it get any better than this?   122 more words

K-Pop, Make him stop, Why you buggin' when you on top?

The Fairy Princess has noticed that this last week that Asian America, and particularly Asian American males seem to be losing their damn minds….in the press and elsewhere, so she wants to say… 1,672 more words

Make It Pop

The Lens of Music A-to-Z with ‘M’ being ‘The Monkees’

 Music for centuries has been a way to look into the soul of life!

Alphabetical Life and CrossDove Writer feel the tune of any song that is sung by a singer and/or group is enhanced when you get a chance to look at them through the lens of our alphabet. 343 more words

CrossDove Writer

Smile #48

I promise tomorrow’s post will be a little less lame

5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

I just realized I hadn’t posted yet, but it’s going to be a lame one cause I’m so tired. 40 more words