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Hey hey, it's Fountains of Monkees!

Nice piece in fastcocreate.com (h/t to DB) on Adam Schlesinger and what he brought to the production of the Monkees’ new album, “Good Times!”

Schlesinger, the bassist and co-songwriter for Fountains of Wayne, has become a go-to guy for what the author terms “fictional music” — that is, music for fictional musicians — including “That Thing You Do!” for the Wonders, “Way Back Into Love” for the film “Music and Lyrics” and songs for the TV series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” 472 more words


The Monkees Make More Sense In The Modern Music Landscape

This week sees The Monkees releasing the album Good Times!, which is their first album in a decade. However, what’s more important is that they are releasing the album in 2016, as the year marks their 50th anniversary. 1,198 more words


The Monkees - Headquarters

Just saw the Monkees play a 50th Anniversary show in Washington, DC. I’ve seen their 20th in Sarasota, FL and their 30th in London, UK. I love them. 61 more words


SamePageCast 06 | The Monkees: Good Times Release Party

SAMEPAGECAST with Megan and Craig
episode 06 | The Monkees: Good Times Release Party
Hey Hey it’s a Monkees party!  We grabbed our copies this morning, wrote some meticulous notes, recorded then mixed then edited then uploaded this episode so that you can share in the Good Times with us on release day – so please join us on this Monkees day to celebrate what is a most incredible record. 15 more words

Craig's Sidecasts

A Good Time Victory Lap

Here they come and they are not monkeying around

Fifty years (!) past the original wave of Monkeemania comes a new album from 1966’s made-for-TV pop group the Monkees. 1,092 more words


Friday New Releases - May 27th

It has been an incredibly busy week and I am looking forward to some new music.  Friday’s new releases have some good choices to try.  See if there is anything that excites you.   261 more words

New Releases

The Monkees Are Making Their Way To The Keswick Theater

By: Renee Grant

The Monkees are bringing their show to The Keswick Theater in Philadelphia this Saturday, May 28th. The prolific band celebrates 50 years with a tour and the group’s first new album in 20 years, … 64 more words