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Drumming And Altered States Of Consciousness

I thought it would be interesting to share my experiences, perhaps promote responses and discussion on this fascinating subject with the drumming community, who, since civilisations came into existence, have opened gateways to different states of consciousness through cyclical ‘trance’ drumming. 569 more words

Transformational 6-day Program

Quite a few people over the past several years have asked if I’ll be putting together a workshop or training type program based on my experiences ( 263 more words


Tom Campbell: The Way Forward

AngelicView: Let me start off by saying, “I love listening to Tom Campbell!”

If you are not familiar with him, he is a scientist – a physicist. 561 more words

Human Evolution

a very special place

South of town, tucked back off the main road, resides a very special place.

The Monroe Institute® was founded by Robert A. Monroe in 1979 following years of research, experimental seminars, and exploration regarding the very nature of human consciousness. 226 more words


Uncle S.A.M - The new Way?

Welcome to my new RealityLab series of videos, testing the boundaries of my known reality and edging off the map into new territory.

In RealityLab, I will be trying out (chemical-free) mind expanding techniques and reviewing the very latest in consciousness science technologies, gadgets and gizmos. 39 more words


Balancing the Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Balancing the Mind, Body, & Spirit.

The Series | Part 1

So you’re in search of balance. That’s funny so am I and it’s a constant journey to stay balanced. 1,966 more words



I have been meditating most of my life, off and on.

Frankly, it’s hard to do something everyday, when you’re also supposed to be doing something else every day, too. 513 more words