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Short Memory

Too Many Pills is the most recent Monthly article from doctor & writer, Karen Hitchcock. In it Hitchcock preaches the gospel of evidence-based medicine, demonises ‘alternative medicine’, and highlights the importance of psychological and lifestyle interventions. 956 more words


Dr Karen Hitchock in conversation with David Leser

Are we so afraid of our mortality that we fear the elderly and construct a mythological suffering around them?

Dr Karen Hitchcock is a consultant physician at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital. 564 more words


“I’m just a boy whose intentions are good; Please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

A photo in the current issue of The Monthly shows Bob Hawke and John Howard seated together at a public event to honour the memory of a deceased Prime Minister. 495 more words


Building a Business on Hot Air

Another blog post for The Monthly on outrage, anonymity, and social media.

Blog Post

A super con - The Monthly

Why compulsory superannuation benefits the financial industry and the rich at the expense of everyone else

Published at The Monthly

By Warwick Smith

Tuesday, 24th March 2015… 151 more words

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