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The Monthly 2018 #2

January was slapped with the label of being too long, too dull and too cold. The days bristled and everyone went to work begrudgingly, knowing that pay day was too far away. 527 more words


‘You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.’

William Randolph Hearst

For three years I lived in Perth, Western Australia; for three years I discovered that, despite my best efforts to the contrary, if one wished to read a paper, one had better order a rather strong coffee to wash the taste of Murdoch from one’s mouth. 1,436 more words

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January 2018: New Year plus 1 year older | The monthly


Absolutely nothing! I’ve had the luxury of chilling (and falling into a Netflix addiction) for most of this month. But the work is starting to pile in now… 344 more words


The Grift

Richard Cooke wrote an interesting piece a few months ago on the seeming incoherence of the Australian Right. Here is a segment describing Pauline Hanson’s lack of policy development: 327 more words