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The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Dave Dudley originated truck-driving country, a blend of rock and roll with a honky-tonk sound that focused lyrically on the lifestyles of truckers, bikers, hitchhikers, and other travelers on the road. 58 more words


Throwback Trailer: Billy Rose's Jumbo (1962)

Pop and Kitty Wonder are father-and-daughter circus hands trying to save their tiny business from rival owner John Noble, whose son, Sam has secretly joined their circus as a tightrope walker, calling himself Sam Rawlins. 11 more words

Throwback Trailer

What Is Love?

What is love?

Is it random flowers or dinner and a movie?

Every girl has their own perfect idea of love. To me, love is feeling safe, it’s waking up and seeing someone beside you who makes your heart so happy that it might explode, it’s someone who sees you with no makeup on and looks at you in a way that makes you feel like you are the most beautiful girl in the world, it’s the person who gives you butterflies after years of being together, it’s laughing together every day and having someone on your side no matter what. 278 more words


The Most Beautiful...Song of the Day

Hey there,
today’s song of the day is about beauty. Is about love, about tenderness, about sexual behavior. It is about what makes a woman to be beautiful. 60 more words

Song Of The Day

The Gold Experience - Prince (1995)

At some point in the late ’90s, I stopped anticipating new Prince releases. I never really warmed up to NPG and their tendency to rap, but worse, Prince’s music became less interesting to me. 429 more words


25 Songs-25 Days - Day 3: A song that reminds me of one/both of your parents

Day 3 of the 25 songs in 25 days challenge – and today, I’ve got to share a song that reminds me of one, or both, of my parents. 284 more words