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My text from the Easter Bunny

Not just anyone gets a text every year from the Easter Bunny… the real Easter Bunny.  At my house, we do.

This text is from this past Sunday, but it started years ago when my boys were little and believed in all things make-believe and magical, especially if those things involved candy and/or celebrating.   324 more words


The Motherhood Manual: The Mug Shot

The Mug Shot.  Next week, the story behind this hardened criminal…


The Motherhood Manual: Somebody needs to push me down

Here’s S saying goodbye to the dog. I already miss him… the kid, not the dog.

S left this morning for Outdoor Science School. It’s a really cool four day camp that the sixth graders each year get to experience. 307 more words


The Motherhood Manual: How to balance a duck on your head while cooking a perfect soufflé

What?!? Those of you who know me well, know that there is NO WAY I ever balanced a duck on my head or had one within a couple… 770 more words


The Motherhood Manual: Poop happens.

Maybe it’s because I took my paid vacation last week. Maybe it’s because I just haven’t felt like my posts have been very inspired lately. 844 more words


The Motherhood Manual: Jolene, Jolene...

I have referred in the past to “Jolene,” and it seemed appropriate to me that I should post about the origin of the saying while we are on vacation in Palm Springs. 704 more words


The Motherhood Manual: The turkey baster, the toilet, and the toddlers

When the boys were little, my dad would help me out by watching them two days a week while I went to work for a few hours.   888 more words