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Day Sixteen: 'Two Songs About Girls Named Jenny'

Neither one listens to “Brothers in Arms”
The Ess-dog waits tables and he sold his guitar

I come in off the highway and I park in my front yard… 246 more words


TUNES // Al Riggs - Local Honey

Post by Misha

I was thinking, if you could choose one perfect time of the day to live forever in a kind of Groundhog-Day-type scenario, when would it be? 327 more words


#648: 'Dance Music' - The Mountain Goats

My love for the Mountain Goats is pretty well-known, but to this day, I can still remember some of the highlights of that time when I was first discovering the band as if they were yesterday. 336 more words

1000 Songs

Going to Fårö: Scenes from a Marriage, Episode 2

In the first half of “The Art of Sweeping Things Under the Rug,” Scenes’ second episode, Johan and Marianne each experience and ignore private realizations about their relationship. 449 more words

Ingmar Bergman

I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats

I took a chance on the podcast I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats, without knowing anything about them or their music, purely because the podcast was produced was Night Vale Presents and they have my trust. 67 more words


ELIZA RICKMAN and JHEREK BISCHOFF - " Riches and Wonders " From I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats by Various Artists

John Darnielle has written almost 600 songs now, and some of them are very sad, dealing with hard drugs and tragic ends,hurting yourself and others, sicknesses of both body and brain, off-brand alcohols. 347 more words


The Top 50 Best Songs of 2017

Yes, yes, schedule slip again, although given the sheer scope of this list, I hope I’ll be forgiven my usual procrastination. Now, this is exactly what it says on the tin – a list of the songs that are, in my opinion, the very best that 2017 had to offer, not simply the popular ones. 8,458 more words