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The MOUNTAIN GOATS - " Goths "

Let’s start with this. The Mountain Goats who are releasing a new album. It is, as any fan of the band will expect, a heartbreaking and heart reviving album about imperfect people described perfectly, with melodies that will stay with you for days.  232 more words


Something's Coming

Something’s Coming

The collar of my shirt is soaked through, and my feet are sweating so much that it feels as if I’m walking through a swamp. 1,768 more words


Co-Written With John Darnielle

During my first year in college, my roommate and I, still barely more than strangers, discovered that we had remarkably similar though maybe unconventional taste in celebrity heartthrobs. 1,888 more words

The Mountain Goats

Things Frankenstein’s Monster Says in Frankenstein That I Believe Will Appear on The Mountain Goats’ Upcoming Album ‘Goths’

The Mountain Goats have announced the release of their new album on May 19. It will be called Goths and it will feature songs called ‘Wear Black,’ ‘Abandoned Flesh,’ and ‘Grave Dust.’ Here are some lyrics that I am predicting are on the album, assuming that it consists entirely of quotes from the monster in Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein. 135 more words


The Mountain Goats Announce Their New Album 'Goths' Has No Guitar On It

John Darnielle should have run out of people to profile by now. He’s done character studies on everyone from West Texas drifters to hateful couples in the Florida Panhandle to… 270 more words

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The Mountain Goats' 'All Hail West Texas' Is Still A Perfect American Salve

The Mountain Goats album All Hail West Texas is, for my money, the purest distillation of what America actually is ever put on wax. The record turned fifteen years old on Sunday, February 19, four weeks into a presidential term marked by rhetoric anchored to the phrase “Make American Great Again.” Of course, this country has already been great — and awful — and Darnielle’s old record speaks to both of those things. 1,009 more words

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