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#769: 'Alpha Rats Nest' - The Mountain Goats

When I first discovered The Mountain Goats, I was almost instantly made aware of how John Darnielle employed numerous series for his songs. Usually these songs were prefaced by the word they were part of. 331 more words

1000 Songs

"That's Not Actually a Place You Want to Go"

For season 3 episode 1, I’m taking it solo again, because nobody else knows about William Basinski or The Disintegration Loops. And if they do, they’re not talking. 61 more words


Ten podcasts you need to be listening to.

  1. Welcome to Night Vale– I’ve been a fan for 4 years. And they never fail to amaze me. I go to the night vale live shows.
  2. 609 more words

Weekly Playlist- November 13, 2017

Shoutout to Spotify’s daily mix playlists for the inspiration of this week’s playlist. I hadn’t gotten around to making a playlist, so yesterday I was listening to one of my daily mixes and it started with “Sunny December” by Bombadil. 89 more words

The Mountain Goats - "Goths" (2017)

The Mountain Goats have always been a band I’ve heard of, but never taken the time to dive into. I dipped my toe back in 2015 with their album “Beat the Champ” which chronicled amateur wrestling (to the best of my understanding and come on, that sounds like a pretty awesome concept). 435 more words

Album Review

The Best Breakup Songs Ever

There’s a small sub-species of love song that doesn’t get as much, uh, love as it deserves: the breakup song. So here I’ve compiled twelve of the absolute best songs about the end of relationships. 2,293 more words


Podcast Prescriptions: I only Listen to the Mountain Goats Ep 1+2

John Darnielle’s 3  decade spanning folk music project, The Mountain Goats, has mined nearly every emotion and subject for their song topics. He wrote a song about off-camera side characters from the movie scarface, A high school death metal band and most recently a whole album about the 80’s goth music scene. 781 more words