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25 on Trial: Simon's Favorite Albums

Writer picks their 25 favorite albums, using whatever criteria they want. Writer gets roasted for their picks, and then gets to respond. This week is playwright/corporate drone/Drake stan… 1,487 more words

Kanye West

Leaving Home

“We gathered up our worldly goods, stole off in the dark, quickly as we could”

So I left Charleston. The world hasn’t collapsed. In fact, I think it’s gotten better. 179 more words

Top 200 Songs Of The 2000s, Part VII (50-26)

50. Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers (2004; Hot Fuss; United States)

Good advice for getting ahead in life.

49. When The Sun Goes Down – Arctic Monkeys (2006; Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m; United Kingdom) 526 more words


damn these vampires

you turn 28 under a lunar eclipse / on the floor of your new place / the same girl / no furniture yet / only stolen books / lit votive candles / keep the back door open in case i wander in again / the new girl / the one you thought you didn’t need / you don’t / we’re still strangers / no matter which way you spin it / & i’m not sure how you feel / if you even feel at all / the sociopath / the arsonist / the novelist / someone who i still don’t know if i’m supposed to be afraid of / someone who i still don’t know at all / & i like distance / even if it’s only down the street / i like a week apart / healed bruises / no hangovers / no wiping blood off your back porch / i like being able to open my mouth without you pressing my lips to another cup / another bottle / another… 47 more words


I got a message for you

“I got a message for you, if I could only remember.  I got a message for you, but you’re gonna have to come and get it.”  Kardyhm Kelly gave me a tape of  290 more words


Friday News and Notes

That’s a heart-shaped leaf I found on the sidewalk, because I love all you weirdos. And these are Friday News and Notes!


Sunday Lie In : Dance Music - The Mountain Goats

Happy Constitution Day South Korea
Dance Music
The Mountain Goats.

For anyone else who may be up, or just lazing around you can find more music on my Sunday playlist:

The Music Club