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"Yeah, I liked their earlier stuff better though"

Translation: Oh you just found out about a new band? Well guess what I’m so much cooler than you, not only did I hear about this band earlier, but I liked their actually good music, and not the sell-out Latest Album. 824 more words


Favorite Lyrics: The Mountain Goats - "Counterfeit Florida Plates"

Steal some sunscreen,
From the CVS.
Use too much,
And make a great big mess.
Wait where shadows mask or hide my scent.
So many so-called friends, 198 more words


Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle - Review

“It was later, lying supine and blind for days, faced with the choice of either inventing internal worlds or having no world at all to inhabit, when I started to fill in the details.” 358 more words

Book Review

025 - "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine"

Episode 25. “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine.” John Wesley Harding. August 17, 2017. Bunker. Rainier.

“Harmonica Bob is back!” This song was recorded on October 17, 1967 for the first session of what would become  971 more words

Bob Dylan

Single Review: Sylvan Esso, "Die Young" Echo Mountain Sessions

I have this weird theory. It’s a theory within a theory, really, so bear with me. Saxophones are to music as cucumbers are to sandwiches. Both are said to be “cool” and by my calculations seem to improve their respective big picture. 284 more words

Single Review

Chester Bennington, Agnosticism & a Song By The Mountain Goats

In the days of dial-up internet, when my mind was full of comic books, videos games and attempting to be good at skateboard, something unexpected happened. 2,160 more words


Album Review: A Swede, a Canadian, and a Goat Walk into a Bar...

Jens Lekman – Life Will See You Now

Every time I try to turn a friend on to Jens Lekman, praising his preternatural affinity for melody and his deftly layered instrumentation, the response is always, “Oh, like Sufjan Stevens!” But Lekman shares none of Steven’s baroque pretensions nor his myopic interiorizing impulse. 373 more words

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