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The Mountain

Year after Year, Eon after Eon

the Mountain sleeps.

There are no storms, hurricanes, or thunderbolts

That could wake her up!

Eon after Eon, Year after Year… 95 more words


Sunset on the East Spanish Peak

The view from our cabin deck. The top of the ridge in the left and center of the photo was burned—you can see the skeletons of remaining trees. 49 more words


Giant Evergreens from Tiny Pinecones Grow

In the years after a fire, the remaining trees overproduce pinecones to help re-propagate the forest.


Guillotine Winds

Winds as high as 90 mph again hit the East Spanish Peak last week. That’s hurricane level. Last year’s winds did this: topped off the trees that had been burned in the East Peak Fire of 2013. 14 more words


Kennedy's Sex Dream

Kennedy had quite the dream last night. It involved a steamy encounter with 1987 Michael Douglas.

Of course it was just a dream, but she still feels guilty, as if she cheated on her boyfriend The Mountain in real life. 29 more words