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The wild poetry of the Harts Industry

“Bass lines as heavy as an old woman’s thigh in a jacuzzi,” an inspired radio host once wrote about their music. I present, the Harts Industry. 458 more words

Non Classé

Who Does The "Snow Chores" in Your House?

Kennedy does not like the snow, so she makes the Mountain do the snow chores.

Anyways, he picked her up from work and Mike had some fun trolling him about Kennedy! 43 more words


Differences in Relationships: Kennedy Edition


Kennedy went to a baby shower and ran into her friend that she hasn’t seen in a year. A lot has happened in that year, her friend, whom started dating 5 months before Kennedy and the Mountain did are now married and expecting. 48 more words


The mouse that went to the cat for love

Where are you going, Manné?

Your past, you can never leave it, you can never leave your troubles behind!

To old Giyani town he went, seeking that magical mystery, hoping to touch it, so intimately.

153 more words

Kennedy's Vacation Conundrum

Kennedy has a lot of vacation time, and every year she goes on an adventure, this time in search of elephants.

But, her relationship with The Mountain is still pretty new, and his work keeps him from being able to go. 42 more words


The Tower of Love

Nested high in the Mountains,

away from impure thoughts,

away from selfish desires,

away from anger,

away from frustration,

away from violence,

and away from the toxins of life, 201 more words