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The Mountain - Chapter 2 - Canyon

Drab grey cement, covered in graffiti, amplified the staccato of her heels to Tommy Gun decibels. Echoes of each report rolled through the urban canyon that used to be the greatest city in the world. 1,325 more words


Kennedy Adulted & You'll NEVER Guess Why!

We all have to do things we really don’t want to do which includes adulting.

Kennedy had to adult this past weekend because she & her boyfriend The Mountain ran into his ex-girlfriend! 16 more words


The Vikings Had The Mountain From 'Game Of Thrones' Help Introduce A Draft Pick

The third day of the NFL Draft is a grind for teams, the media, and fans dedicated enough to watch rounds four through seven. The best known college football stars are mostly off of the board, so many of the selections are guys even fairly dedicated football fans aren’t very aware of, and teams are usually filling depth needs, so there aren’t many flashy picks. 239 more words


The Mountain, a poem by Deloris Louise Pacheco, USA

It was just before dusk
When he started his climb
The path grew narrow
So the dog went ahead
It grew rocky and steep
But the old man kept up… 270 more words


Mountain Breakers - Men Who Tamed a Mountain - OMG! Chhattisgarh - HISTORY TV18

Even a mountain couldn’t stand against the folks of Chattisgarh villages. Meet the mountain men who tamed a 700 metre long mountain in a mere 90 days! 244 more words

Just 5 Lines

Damn, blogging’s tough. For me, 9-5 library-manager-person, head full of library manager stuff; simultaneously a wedding planner, writer, vlogger, artist, business starter, it’s mountainous. I’m talking Kilimanjaro meets Gregor Clegane… zombified. 34 more words


The wild poetry of the Harts Industry

“Bass lines as heavy as an old woman’s thigh in a jacuzzi,” an inspired radio host once wrote about their music. I present, the Harts Industry. 458 more words

Non Classé