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Sh$#% is getting real

OK…English teacher training sh$#% is getting real:

Tonight’s homework is to prepare part of a class … which I will then co-present with my trainer tomorrow to a REAL CLASS of students!

Wish me luck!!

The Move

So I'm just tickled to be here in Querétaro!!

Little things that are making me sooooo happy today:

1) English school has a whole ton of fiction paperbacks that other teachers donated when they left the area. 260 more words


English teacher training is KICKING. MY. ASS.

On the plus side: it’s fascinating, interesting and skills that I will be thrilled to have. I feel like it is a facet of personal growth I will be pleased to achieve and feel like it a great challenge to my creativity. 23 more words


I speak English. How is this so hard??

English teacher training is tough! It is stretching the comfortable limits of my creativity to new horizons.

My trainer makes it look effortless, conversational and fun, while I come home and sweat for ages over my homework, trying to figure out how to create the exact right questions that will: take the students by the hand and guide them along, presenting the material I need to present, without explaining or translating, but still being comprehensible, while following the exact, precise structures I am being taught AND produce the answers I am looking for so as not to throw my whole lesson off track.



Hope this wasn't a bad idea...

Friend, landlord and upstairs neighbor Sofia put on another hat tonight to become my Teacher and show me how to make arroz con leche.

I hope it is not a bad thing that I have learned to do this for myself. 8 more words


beginning again

It’s springtime. We’ve cycled back to new beginnings of well-known things. S had a birthday and now she’s counting down the days until the outdoor pool opens. 356 more words


The Daily Cut: Electric Light Orchestra "Do Ya"

Electric Light Orchestra: “Do Ya”

ALBUM:   A New World Record

YEAR:  1977

WRITER:  Jeff Lynne

The Move’s original recording peaked at number-93 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1972. 230 more words