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How do you feel about living in Amsterdam?

‘So… how do you feel about living in Amsterdam for 12 months,’ says my husband, somewhat sheepishly.

Sure we’d talked about living in Europe for a year, Italy specifically, you know given that he is Italian.  524 more words



So this is probably the first time I’ve actually sat down properly with my laptop in the nearly two months we’ve been here.

Now I would love to be one of those super positive and happy lifestyle bloggers that says moving was a breeze! 586 more words


The station

The station

The station lies with its back to the river, wedged in between the buildings and roads. Sphinx-like it sprawls across the concrete desert as its blackened glass roof winks and glints in the morning sun. 1,308 more words


Leaving Scotland

This is a shameless cross-post, but thought it was worth sharing here too.

This blog became katinedinburgh.com when I started our life here. Soon, it will be called something else. 606 more words

Really Deep Thoughts

The move

We’ve found the house. Cosy little cottage! Perfect for cold winter evenings. So many plans for this place. Lighting the fire and sitting there all cosy. 268 more words

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Black & British? – The paradox unravelled

“Too Nigerian to be British and too British to be Nigerian”

“Too Nigerian to be British and too British to be Nigerian.” A rhetoric I know all too well.

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