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We got the call!

Well… More like a visit from my aunt. She came by November 27th and let us know that she and my uncle will be selling the house. 109 more words

Alternative Living

Tour de Granger

So after spending the afternoon out at the land imagining what they house will look like and picking out all of our options, we went exploring. 538 more words


You're Doing WHAT?!

So, I keep getting messages and text wondering what the heck is going on with our family. (Gah! Ya’ll are so nosey!) We are in the middle of a grand adventure so we thought a blog would be the best way to share in our adventure. 691 more words


Because We Like Doing Things the Hard Way

All of the planning and efforts that are needed to make an international move possible is no joke.  I wish it was as simple as bringing nothing but two suitcases like I did when I moved to the U.S. 581 more words


Street Evangelism?

I love long uninterrupted journeys after a long day at work with some mood related music. It’s the perfect opportunity to listen to a favourite album, song, playlist or that new album you have been planning to listen to all week but just couldn’t find the time. 1,201 more words


We’re not all bad

Pick up any newspaper, tune in to any news programme or listen to any radio talk show and it will be hard to avoid the multitude of sexual harassment claims being made against rich and wealthy men – no black men have been named yet, we can only thank the lord. 405 more words






I never saw her

Well maybe only once

As a baby

Went to another land

Mother and Father

In hand

In tow with two siblings… 305 more words

Your Culture