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And We're In!

Okay, so I’m moved into the building. It’s super pretty, outside and in. My room is great, it’s bigger than I expected. So I dander into the reception area, get my key and find my darling parents, who have started to unpack the car! 205 more words

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The problem with packing is...

It’s so fucking hard! I have been trying to pack up my entire life into a suitcase and some bin bags (hur hur you’re trash) for the past four hours. 212 more words

#moving #leavinghome #student #packing #university

Cardboard boxes.

I move house on Sunday. On my own, without my family, for the first time ever!

This fact hasn’t really dawned on me yet. Perhaps it will when I’m lying in my new bed, the lights are out and I can’t hear the soft drone of the television and my parents chatting just down the hall. 364 more words

#moving #leavinghome #student #packing #university

The Other Side

20th October

BBC News headline: A 21-year-old student at the University of Nottingham is tortured to death by a female fundamentalist for a dress code violation. 1,181 more words


The Move's debut album 'Move' delivered a freakbeat psych-pop pick 'n' mix

‘Move’, the debut LP by Birmingham psych-poppers, and Roy Wood fronted band, The Move was also the only album on their discography to feature the original lineup before bassist Ace Kefford left. 139 more words


Hurry Up and Wait

In March 1976, we scrawled the words, “Missouri or Bust,” across butcher paper and taped it to the side of our cab-over camper.  We were off on a great adventure, a church conference in Missouri with our seven and nine-year-old sons. 1,185 more words

First impressions of a new country

Two weeks after leaving the UK my family have returned home, I have dried out from our camping trip, and I have settled into my new flat and new life in Groningen. 821 more words

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