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Uprising: New Age of Music

Kickstarter. Indiegogo. GoFundMe. Crowdrise.

These are all platforms we have become more familiar with. Over the past 4 years we’ve witnessed hundreds of companies, artists, and sometimes even false users of the sites to misuse its original idea: to help support, share, and connect communities and people from all over the world in order to unite over one goal. 396 more words


3 Mistakes Musicians Make to Sabotage Their Own Careers

While going through my inbox today, I received a request from someone asking for help to market their music. The ask started out with a simple note: 759 more words

Breaking Into The Music Industry

Dear, The Verge and Micah Singleton..

The Verge writer, Micah Singleton, wrote an article titled “Why do you really hate Kanye West?”. In the article (read here) Micah insists that the reason you hate Kanye West isn’t because you think he’s a tool or you think his music sucks. 434 more words

Kanye West

Killed by the Music Industry !!!

You open your door, take a few steps…waiting for you is a crowd of photographers, with cameras aimed at you, snapping away wildly, the effect of the multitude of flashes, is like strobe lights, blinding you, the noise is excruciating as well . 698 more words


Taylor Swift is Right- Which is Why Artists Should Go to Tidal

Taylor Swift absolutely buried Apple’s Streaming service that is launching on June 30th with her open letter she penned after announcing she would not be putting her album, “1989” on their service. 640 more words

Jay Z

Get Your Music Out There

As part of the band Allegiant, I can tell you that it’s impossible to manage every aspect of a band. I manage the many aspects of recording, mixing, live sound, and lighting. 219 more words

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