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A cartoon in the current issue of ‘Private Eye’ shows a musician poised to unveil a new number for an appreciative audience. ‘I wrote this next song,’ he says, ‘in the hope that someone will rip it off so I can sue them.’ Satirical, yes, but to the point where the business of music is currently concerned. 831 more words


Yet Another Reason Why TicketMaster Sucks

Anyone who has read this article knows I am no fan of TicketBastard. (Who is?) And now, another reason to hate them. It’s this:

-In 2003 (thirteen years to wend its way through our legal system), the… 741 more words


How industries are helping young people achieve 

Living in a thriving city such as Nottingham, i have the opportunity to see how new music and young musical talent is being supported, pushed through onto the big stage by a multitude of different organisations. 257 more words


Wow! Given their history of being sued, their familiarity with Spirit and how much these songs sounded so alike, I thought for sure these guys were going down. 13 more words


Popular songs that were made popular by someone else first.

In my previous post, I talked about artists sampling songs. In this one, I will be talking about artists covering or remaking songs before them. Like sampling, if done properly it is completley legal. 287 more words


Popular songs that are samples by other Popular Songs

Many of today’s hits technically are not even from ‘today’. A lot of artists rely on sampling. 475 more words