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The Music Industry

I have created a category called “The Music Industry.” This section will contain categories that wax philosophical about (and/or scrutinize) the state of the music industry. 64 more words

The Music Industry

Katy Perry, Super Bowl Half Time Shows, George Lucas and Why Teenage Girls Run The Music Industry

Watching a halftime Super Bowl performance in a room with serious rock musicians can be interesting. I watched the 2015 game with a buddy, a drummer and, inevitably, he asked: 1,017 more words

George Lucas

The State Of The Music Industry - The Casual Listener

Today has been a rough day for me both creatively and motivation-wise.  So I figured I’d put out some feelers for the modern listener.  Today isn’t about me imparting knowledge (or lack thereof) on you, but actually my interest in everyone’s music consumption.  319 more words


Is the music industry headed for revolution?

This article originally appeared on the website of digital music distributor iMusician. I write two articles for them a month on advice for artists, new trends and the inner goings-on of the music business. 938 more words

January Sync Resolutions Part 1: Pre-pitch Checklist

Whether you’ve been slacking on your metadata or you simply have no system in place at all, it’s time to make 2015 the year that you take charge of your sync operation. 1,104 more words

Music Industry

i scream, you scream, we all scream... for inanities?

It used to be so easy, didn’t it? Once upon a time, the standard music industry business model was relatively straightforward and painless enough for even the drummers among us to understand – artist signed to label, label provided exposure, exposure generated fans, fans generated sales. 609 more words

3 Ways to Learn About the Music Business From Someone Else

This post is taken from a chapter of my newest release, Music Business Hacks. Please enjoy!

When I was in business school, I often learned more about the subject from business owners (and running one myself) than the instructor. 743 more words

Breaking Into The Music Industry