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Seaside Rock - The Rockers of Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth is a coastal town in England, a seaside resort for the past couple hundred years.* It is roughly 200km northeast of London and – according to Wikipedia – has a beach, two piers and is the gateway from the Norfolk Broads to the North Sea. 910 more words


How to Work a Crowd

When you are on stage, your main goal isn’t to play a good set, to sell records, to overcome nervousness, or to impress someone in the industry. 1,182 more words

Breaking Into The Music Industry

Right Now: Free digital copy of Music Business Hacks

Until December 12th, the Kindle version of my book, Music Business Hacks, is free to download on Amazon.com! Please check it out here! 108 more words

Breaking Into The Music Industry

How to Create a Music Business Filing Cabinet

Are you collecting valuable articles and information about the music business? Do you keep a record of every press mention or post about your band? Maybe there are just interesting articles about art, marketing, social media, current events, books, or other content that can help fuel inspiration for a new song or teach you how to do something. 616 more words

Breaking Into The Music Industry


I was talking to a friend the other night about my brief stint as a Big Gig-goer in the late 80s. I saw Bowie twice, as well as Dylan, the Stones and Prince once each within a three-year period and I did it all whilst signing-on, suggesting the ticket prices (not to mention the obligatory coach travel costs) weren’t that extortionate. 1,038 more words

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Alan Lomax- Ethnomusicologist

Ethnomusicology is the study of music in its cultural context. Ethnomusicologists approach music as a social process in order to understand not only what music is but why it is: what music means to its practitioners and audiences, and how those meanings are conveyed. 978 more words


My Take on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees 2018

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you doubtless know that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees for 2018 have been announced. Directly from the site: 564 more words