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Taylor Swift is Right- Which is Why Artists Should Go to Tidal

Taylor Swift absolutely buried Apple’s Streaming service that is launching on June 30th with her open letter she penned after announcing she would not be putting her album, “1989” on their service. 640 more words

Taylor Swift

Get Your Music Out There

As part of the band Allegiant, I can tell you that it’s impossible to manage every aspect of a band. I manage the many aspects of recording, mixing, live sound, and lighting. 219 more words

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Connect with Fans, Reason to Buy (What is it?)

Chances are, CwF+RtB doesn’t really mean anything to the average reader. And why should it? It looks like a bunch of gibberish; it looks like my cat walked across my keyboard. 557 more words

The Music Industry

Musicians in the 21st Century (How Do We Survive?)

I’m going to state the obvious here: the internet has been a tremendous game-changer. This game-changing aspect has been most noticeable in the world of media entertainment, most notably in music. 735 more words

The Music Industry

Music and the Future of the Christian Church

Evolve or die. This principle is key to the survival of any company, group, organization, or religion. As I have been getting more and more involved with music the last few years, I have noticed many Christian churches have failed to keep up with the changes in music, and have failed to use music as an effective ministry tool. 520 more words

The Music Industry

Why is Tidal Flopping and is it Bad?

Two fundamental questions about Jay Z’s Tidal deal, and both matter a lot…

So let’s start with the “why” portion of this for a second. I think it’s explained really, really well in… 394 more words

Jay Z

No, Taylor's Right- Spotify is Just the Latest Example of the Music Industry Screwing the Artists

So, Taylor Swift pulled out of Spotify, and Spotify and Taylor Swift both continued to make money. Lots of money. So clearly, Taylor Swift was wrong to pull out of Spotify, since she only denied the fans the access to her music. 1,249 more words

Taylor Swift