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Wow! Given their history of being sued, their familiarity with Spirit and how much these songs sounded so alike, I thought for sure these guys were going down. 13 more words


Popular songs that were made popular by someone else first.

In my previous post, I talked about artists sampling songs. In this one, I will be talking about artists covering or remaking songs before them. Like sampling, if done properly it is completley legal. 287 more words


Popular songs that are samples by other Popular Songs

Many of today’s hits technically are not even from ‘today’. A lot of artists rely on sampling. 475 more words


Upcoming shows in the Bay Area

Being a large metropolitan area, The Bay Area is home to a lot of big name concerts and events. There are some really cool ones coming this summer and fall! 354 more words


Cosmik Debris - Cool Stuff I Saw and Heard This Week - 4/24/16

Now who you jivin’ with that cosmic debris? – Zappa

Item 1 – From the International Jazz Day web site: In November 2011, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) officially designated April 30 as… 761 more words


Streaming and its effect on the Music Industry.

Ever since the rise of internet, it has been hard to stop people from downloading music illegally. . 280 more words

Music Industry

How songs become number one hits

With the proper tools and technology, anyone can make music. With social media, anyone can discover this music. However; song to become a number one hit, it takes a little more work. 307 more words