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Lowtide: Southern Mind

Article originally appeared on The Music Jan 15th 2018

Lowtide’s latest is a feet-first affair, like a few crushing seconds of free falling stretched into an afternoon of self-reflection. 87 more words


Ayla: Let's Talk Monday

Article Originally appeared on The Music Jan 12th 2018

Welcome to Ayla, the Sunshine Coast sequel to Lorde and Florence Welch (sorry, but the comparisons are going to get made).  184 more words


Social Diagnostics


The quality or state of being different or diverse..}

It is what that makes an otherwise dull planet beautiful & livable. It provides the essential rhythm to the otherwise monochrome & monotonous pace of regular society. 322 more words


Bladerunner_2079 + blog changes

This blog is now transforming into something bigger. Not just music, but my thoughts on modern culture (what I saw, read, anything) and mostly Game Design. 89 more words

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Princess Paradigm takes us on a tour of the Cantaloupe Kingdom

The time is present day. The place, Cantaloupia.

The residents are  a curious population of kooky, fruit-like characters currently at a loss over the abduction of their leader, Miss Cantaloupe. 737 more words

The Music

Miss Blanks: Diary Of A Thotaholic

Article originally appeared on The Music Nov 15th 2017

Diary Of A Thotaholic is not your average Adelaide hills skip-hop or suburban-boi cyphering, this is international grade, female-focused, dis-rap, borderline hip hop erotica from an artist pulling triple duty to rep a trio of disastrously underrepresented community facets. 157 more words


Caught in a Wave: Digital Music Compilation

Yes, theL3the!.. with much disrespect to the grammar and mathematics of music making!! Retrospectively, not moving away much from those two things that theL3the learns to avoid, & these making sense at a time, inside my head.. 68 more words