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Lastlings: Verses

Article originally appeared on The Music Mar 17th 2017

Almost effervescent, Verses deals R&B/soul doused in pop lyricism, glassine synths and subversive club beats that dabble in early dubstep without delving into the monstrous modernity of it.  66 more words


Can't remember never loving you

Deacon & Rayna, Our Deyna, <3

“I love you. I’ve loved you since the first time I ever laid eyes on you. The first time I ever heard you play a note on the guitar. 533 more words


Songs To Get Through

Recently I have been listening to a variety of different songs – and have listened to them before in the past that I thought I would share. 56 more words

The Music

No one will ever love you, like we do <3

Songs have been a huge part of Nashville, and I do love so many of them so much. One of the many reasons I was completely crazy in love with this show was the music. 212 more words


Lonelyspeck: Lave

Article originally appeared on The Music Mar 6th 2017

Lonelyspeck’s second EP is like being adrift on a glass sea. It’s rife with slightly distorted, crystalline beauty; peaceful and enchanting, but also distinctly sharp, with an air of purposeful refraction. 67 more words


Nadia Reid: Preservation

Article originally appeared in The Music Feb 23rd 2017

Loquacious but laconic, almost despondently idyllic, Preservation is a deeply personal emergence story framed as though Gus Van Sant were directing a butterfly biopic, so that every triumph still feels a bit muddy and conflicted.  64 more words


Duke Garwood: Garden Of Ashes

Article originally appeared on The Music Jan 27th 2017

If you hold Duke Garwood up to the light, all you might see is the silhouette of some gothic country contemporaries.  81 more words