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‘The Nanny Diaries’ Is Still Charming And Cute 10 Years Later

Note: This piece was originally published on Creators.co.

Who doesn’t love a good book adaptation? That answer is obvious. While it can pretty much always be agreed upon, that when it comes to adaptations of our favorite books or more obscure ones, audiences want something that looks like what they spent hours reading. 1,285 more words


Pop Culture Showdown: The Nanny Diaries Versus Uptown Girls

The Nanny Diaries and Uptown Girls are exactly the same movie. Just kidding. They’re not. But they’re similar enough so that we can put them up against each other and decide which is better based on multiple facts I just made up on the spot. 1,211 more words


3 Best Books We Read In School

School is officially in motion for most of us and if it hasn’t started for you yet, it probably will be getting underway in the coming weeks. 1,214 more words