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BEER is an alcohol-based emotional solvent of the class Booze used to self-medicate anger, frustration, anxiety, depression and other symptoms of spectrum disorder and the general state of the modern world. 235 more words

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Coffee Zombie Wants Brains

Well, one would do. Mine. I think it is near where I left my coffee cup, the collision of ADHD and exhaustion. That’s quite enough, Brother Coyote, I mumble under my breath. 913 more words

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The Narrative v. Marge Simpson

In “Itchy and Scratchy v. Marge Simpson” (Episode 9 of Season 2 of The Simpsons), Marge leads, successfully, a campaign against the violence in the eponymous cartoon within the cartoon series. 741 more words


The Broken Road

As the statistics dwindle and more and more followers of this blog are simply hoping for a reflexive return on my part, to build their numbers for whatever racket they are running–probably blogging hollow consumables for a penny a word–I wonder what I am doing here. 1,084 more words

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Don't Look Down

Monday: that moment when the path narrows to a goat track of uncertain rock which every few steps sends tiny landslides into the precipice.  Don’t look down and don’t look ahead, where the bottom of the precipice opens into a verdant, river-threaded place of distant calm. 38 more words

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Fare Thee Well

The Last Waltz.


Fifty years.

I was in a foul mood last night, buying cigarettes with the thoughtless compulsion of a junkie, when “Satisfaction” came on the satellite channel. 162 more words

Cryptical Envelopment

Gravity Always Wins

Fuck you tomatoes, miraculously irregular Renatza’s 4800s, each as soft and meaty as a breast.

Fuck you summery cucumbers. Fuck you broccoli florets.

Fuck you crisp lettuce, blessed with the sweat of the pickers like blood of a Mexican Jesus. 196 more words

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