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Baby day? Maybe?

Elevated liver function + low platelet count = babies???

I am heading in to Labor and Delivery in a few minutes to determine whether or not I need to deliver these babies today. 25 more words



Two cups of coffee, an over-charged e-cigarette (27 milligrams of nicotine) and the lizards of adrenaline trace the paths of my nervous system with familiar claws. 252 more words

Toulouse Street


It is Friday. Innocence is not an option.

I hear the singing of the undertow
where the anxious waves come and go.

I watch it greedily leach… 37 more words

Toulouse Street

Let Sleeping Camels Lie?

I walk into Canseco’s and It’s Midnight at the Oasis on the ceiling speakers. It’s Day 4 of red beans, day 4 of late night meetings with our colleagues in that huge swath of the earth on China Standard Time. 307 more words

Toulouse Street

Good Night. Safe Home.

NO. I am NOT going to the Holy Ground. (Write on the blackboard 100 times). I’ve had a 12 hour day and more to come this week. 331 more words

Toulouse Street

Redemption Songs

Now at the annual collision of our African, Celtic and Sicilian cultures, in this town where the African’s ripped from their villages and put into bondage were too valuable a property to risk so the hungry Irish were set to work and die digging the New Basin Canal, where the Sicilian residents of the French Quarter were lynched by practiced hands, the Mardi Gras Indians will come out even as the Irish and Italians stage their parades and the green beer and red wine will flow, and the streets will be lined with rotted cabbage heads, pork chop sandwiches and loose feathers, a celebration in the way only our entirely Creolized culture knows how to do best. 53 more words

Toulouse Street