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Even the Wildlife is Politically Incorrect

You saw it here, first! And it was taken before James Patterson’s series about animals who dislike humans hit network TV.

Traditionally gracious suburban estates are under pressure from the influx of non-traditional humans who over-develop the fringes and consequently force the wildlife flight to appropriate nicer habitats. 125 more words

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Ross Ulbricht: Suburbanite Goes Wrong on the DEEP WEB

Be still my heart!

Is this the face that launched a multi-million dollar criminal enterprise online?

Deep Web, the documentary, aired Sunday on EPIX, which is a paid premium channel on TWC. 486 more words

Suburban Surroundings

A Price of Admission: School Taxes Paid by Others

The town just voted out the two school board members who were up for re-election this term. They were fixtures for twenty years or more. The reason — they wanted authority to override the state tax cap and basically assess the school tax at whatever figure they wanted. 269 more words

The Neighbors

The Best-Kept Suburban Secret is the Back Lawn

You won’t see the white suburban back lawn until you move in next door. Take a look at mine. See the straight, vertical mower lines? Next week, the alternate week,the mowing will be done at a 45° angle. 349 more words

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Saying hello to the neighbors... Blogging 101

So, in my limited time this evening I wanted to do the assignment of reading blogs in the reader using different tags. I chose to search “cats”, “Texas”, “introvert” and “career change”. 330 more words

The Neighbors, movie review

This movie was so-so. It did have it’s funny moments, but it did weigh a little too heavy in the sex department for me. That kind of humor is a bit crude for me. 145 more words

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Interview with Robyn Paris, Writer/Director of The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?

Imagine this… you’ve always dreamed of going to Hollywood. Every since you were young you have desperately wanted to act, to see yourself up on the big screen, to really be something and someone! 4,420 more words

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