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The Neighbors: The Complete Season One (2014-15)

Plot: Charlie (Tommy Wiseau) runs an apartment complex, but this is not your usual business, not even close. He is more than just a building supervisor, he is like a friend to his tenants and finds himself involved in their lives, for better or worse. 549 more words


[the neighbors] - MC holiday (special edition) | something just like this

Our mother made such a fuss about today.

Well, since our family is leaned on the traditional side, we took the catechism seriously. But we are not radical nor fanatic, we just held our belief and respects others’ faith and belief. 926 more words

[the neighbors] a year before

I don’t know, really. How I ended up at a place like this, with people I don’t really know and things.

I remember the first day I got here and introduced to my officemates, I was so cheerful adn trying to funny at the time. 243 more words

[the neighbors] holiday's ends and starts

I finally coming back to the city, after spent some time off in my hometown.

Alice enthusiastically welcomed me when I got back, I was just putting my luggage on the floor when she came and gave me a bear-hug. 2,208 more words

the neighbors | [holiday edition - MC only] little brats

Those little brats never seems to run out of energy, asking so many questions and on top of all : always poke their nose on people’s privacy. 262 more words

the neighbors | [holiday edition-MC only] in the plane, on my way

I must be really tired. I was a bit embarrassed when someone told me that I sat on their seat.

At first I already sat at the my own seat, but I am not sure so I moved. 216 more words

the neighbors | [holiday edition- MC only]Back at home

I left the house at 11am to avoid the traffic jam, and still I got trapped for about 3 hours before I finally arrived at the airport. 477 more words