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Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors at Thalia Hall 4/15/2016

Last time I saw Drew Holcomb play, I believe, was a solo set opening for a couple other bands a while back. He was good-talented songwriter, good musician. 111 more words


Pernikahan Sederhana Ai dan Agus

Malam ini akan jadi malam yang bersejarah untuk Ai dan Agus. Mereka berikrar dalam ikatan suci untuk saling menjaga hingga maut memisahkan. Dan, semoga memang hanya maut yang akan membuat mereka terpisah. 358 more words


The neighbors -De ijselijke schreeuw

Hi dear readers,
Neighbors can be a true inspiration for stories. I think mine are. Anyway, I’m 
considering to do a neighbors series. This one is in Dutch, but I promise that it will be available in English soon. 377 more words

Jehan Daal

Pernikahan Dini Ceu Mus

Pagi ini, Ceu Mus membangunkan tidur saya. Suaranya yang nyaring nyaris membuat saya melompat dari kasur. Tapi, saya mampu menahan diri dan saling berpandangan dengan Kinan, yang ternyata turut terjaga. 382 more words


Single You Out: The Neighbors - Hug A Hater

I was using the ‘Discover’ feature on Bandcamp and came across this release from The Neighbors. The project seems to be pretty dope, but this song, … 11 more words


The Neighbors - Season 1, Episode 1 - "Meet The Neighbors" - An Atrocity of Television

      This is awful…and I’ve seen some pretty awful films but this makes Michael Bay and others look like gold by comparison. I have no idea what Tommy Wiseau was thinking once he made this series, or how he was able to get funding for it and the fact that Hulu endorsed it. 620 more words

Worst Episodes

Having Good Neighbors Beats Having Relatives Who are Kind to You Far Away


From before, there was a saying, “Distant Relatives are Not as Helpful as Nearby Neighbors”, this may be the case, in those simpler places, but for those of us in the city, not saying about the neighbors helping one another out, sometimes, we’d lived in a place for three to five years, and still not know what our neighbors looked like, how many members are in the family, and there are, many cases where the neighbors got on one another’s bad sides because of pets, parking spaces, in order to have great neighbors, you must have the good luck, as well as the good karma too. 439 more words