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Why The Room is the Greatest Movie of All Time

“I did not hit her.

I did not hit her.

I did not. Oh hi Mark.”

When I first watched The Room I thought it was the worst movie I’d ever seen in my life (I’ve seen far worse now *cough* Battlefield Earth *cough*). 420 more words

Bad Movies

Book Review: The Neighbors by Ania Ahlborn

Title: The Neighbors

Author: Ania Alhborn

Genre: Horror

Story: Andrew moves in with his long lost childhood friend Mickey after growing up in less than fortunate conditions. 298 more words

The Neighbors Downstairs

The ins and outs of the world, in one’s own neighborhoods, translated…

Living in the top floors of a four-story apartment building, through the passing of the years, we’d encountered, many changes, and the neighbors downstairs also went through the cycles of change, they’re all, telling the stories of their separate lives. 602 more words

Properties Of Life

The Line of Defense Built Up by Two Doors

An elderly woman who feels lonely and wanting some company, on dealing with the neighbors, translated…

I live in an old apartment building, the neighbor living opposite of me, I’d called her “Auntie”. 772 more words