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Review: Tommy Wiseau's 'The Neighbors' (Episode 1)

Once upon a time, I thought something as poorly produced as the film The Room would be the worst thing to grace my eyes. Jesus, was I wrong. 791 more words

Tommy Wiseau's 'The Neighbors' Sucks All the Fun Out of Hate-Watching

Maybe the only thing harder than making a great television program is making one that is both horrible and highly enjoyable to watch. The “so-bad-it’s-good” genre of culture can be infuriating at times. 796 more words


The Neighbors: The Open Letter Edition,

Dear Neighbor:

Are  you missing something? Your DOG, maybe?

So, hey, Neighbor, let me explain to you how my morning went, thanks to your inability to care for your puppy. 707 more words


13 Things We Learned from Tommy Wiseau's Reddit AMA

Filmmaker and known disaster artist Tommy Wiseau has a new TV show out! It’s called The Neighbors, it’s available on Hulu, and it’s exactly as strange… 699 more words


A Bomb in the Lasagna: Tommy Wiseau's "The Neighbors" Has the Production Values of "The Room", But Little of Its Magic

In the 12 years since The Room was released, the film and its mysterious director/producer/star Tommy Wiseau have become as famous as possible for a mythically, heroically terrible film. 1,046 more words

Show Review

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Tommy Wiseau Returns

Oh hi reader, what’s new with you? Writer, director, producer and actor Tommy Wiseau is back ladies and gentlemen. Following up timeless classic The Room… 457 more words


The Neighbors - I Want to Kick Their Butts Edition...

So Pit-Girl came back today while I was at work.

I am SO very angry, I can hardly see straight, however. (And this is NOT because my nose is all out of whack; it’s just out of joint. 491 more words

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