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New F-35 fighter jets to be stationed in eastern Turkey’s Malatya

The Turkish Air Forces Command is making last preparations to house new F-35 fighter jets, which will initially be delivered on June 21, Anadolu Agency reported Friday. 561 more words

Case of seasonal #reassortant A(#H1N2) #influenza virus #infection, the #Netherlands, March 2018 (Euro Surveill., abstract)

Case of seasonal reassortant A(H1N2) influenza virus infection, the Netherlands, March 2018

Adam Meijer1,6, Corien M Swaan1, Martin Voerknecht2, Edin Jusic1, Sharon van den Brink1, Lisa A Wijsman1, Bettie CG Voordouw1,6, Gé A Donker3, Jacqueline Sleven4, Wendelien W Dorigo-Zetsma5, Sanela Svraka5, Michiel van Boven1, Manon R Haverkate1, Aura Timen1, Jaap T van Dissel1, Marion PG Koopmans6, Theo M Bestebroer6, Ron AM Fouchier6… 275 more words



Open your heart’s window
see on the horizon
my deep affection
floating before the sun
covering its face
to protect you from harm
it can be bruised and burned… 43 more words


The tale of a black-and-white cat

I’ve decided to start blogging again, after quite a hiatus, and my first entry in this new blogging phase is going to be about the black-and-white cat that we left behind in The Netherlands when we moved to Hong Kong. 335 more words

#Pathogenicity and genetic characterisation of a novel #reassortant, highly pathogenic #avian #influenza (HPAI) #H5N6 virus isolated in #Korea, 2017 (Euro Surveill., abstract)

Pathogenicity and genetic characterisation of a novel reassortant, highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N6 virus isolated in Korea, 2017

Young-Il Kim1,2, Young-Jae Si1,2, Hyeok-Il Kwon1, Eun-Ha Kim1, Su-Jin Park1, Norbert John Robles1, Hiep Dinh Nguyen1, Min-Ah Yu1,Kwang-Min Yu1, Youn-Jeong Lee3, Myoung-Heon Lee3, Young Ki Choi1,2… 217 more words


German patients turn to Croatia for organ donations -- "One life came to an end and helped save another one."

The number of people willing to donate organs in Germany has hit an all-time low. Patients in the country are increasingly dependent on a European cross-border organ exchange program. 672 more words