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On Adolescence

A fundamental insight of psychoanalysis is that we never grow out of our childhood. It is not a particularly difficult thought; does anyone remember a clear moment in their lives when they qualitatively stopped being children? 4,027 more words

I will not ask politely.

I have finally got around to pulling together all of these separate thoughts on patriarchy and feminism together into one place.

What I suggest is needed is more dialogue. 782 more words

'Every Means of Confession Creates a Kind of Person Who Confesses'

Every means of confession creates a kind of person who confesses. You become who you are by saying what you did. The details make a difference.

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Giving Awards for Free Speech is a Strange Idea

[ To award and celebrate some kinds of speech (but not others) will inevitably mean drawing distinctions between good speech and less-good speech, no matter how hard you try to pretend that what is being honored is simply courage, in the abstract. 164 more words

From Cosmos To C.A.O.S.?

Once the cosmos was thought to be painted on the veil of the firmament, or to be some kind of divine metaphor, a flatness inscribed with thousands of meaningful stories.

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Listening To Contemporary Voices

I can’t think of a more persistent, thorough, insightful, engaging cultural critic than Rob Horning. – Me, “Growing Beyond Yourself: Some Thoughts On Rob Horning,” 

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