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What do you want?

What do you want? What are you going to do?

I know what I want. I want to be happy. I don’t want to be sad and I don’t want to waste a single minute of my life feeling bad for myself. 383 more words



I’ve gotten into arguments or fights with my mother, my sister, and friends. What happened, happened. I don’t feel remorse for what I said or did then. 364 more words

The New Me

Hello, World! Meet the Evolving Me

I am unhealthy. I am lazy. I am living my life in a way that makes me unhappy.

That is the first time I have typed those words out. 639 more words

Life Changes


If someone asked me, ‘how patient are you?’ I would tell them about how incredibly patient I am while providing examples.

One thing I’ve learned about myself since the accident is that I was  253 more words


The blue midi turtle neck dress

Me today.. 

I just love the look.. I paired th blue midi dress with two different designs of shoes and I think  other looks look perfect. 36 more words

The New Me

Who is she?

I have been struggling with this just as much as my family has.

They don’t know how I am going to respond or react to whatever is said to me. 281 more words

The New Me

My head or brain or whatever is in that skull of mine

There are little things that I have wrong physically but they aren’t things that are noticed right away  to cause a person to think that something is wrong. 467 more words