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Just a quick one, I love this system, and it how it helps me not only be more organised, but also in my well being. And the other day I was explaining this to… 20 more words

The New Me

Organizing - my first client

Part of my training program was to find a client, have an intake conversation with them and a first organizing session. Through a friend I was brought in contact with a music and yoga teacher. 69 more words

The New Me

I've been learning since, but it doesn't mean I'll float.

Some things are made a huge deal in my head and turn out to be the opposite. Which is great! But than again, was it worth making it a big deal? 721 more words


Professional Organizer

I took the plunge and enrolled in a professional organizer class. Last week was the first of three training days.

I love organizing, call me weird, but getting things in order relieves my stress. 117 more words

The New Me


‘From their review of over 170 studies, the researchers found that entitlement creates a vicious circle:

1 Entitlement creates feelings of disappointment.

2 Disappointment leads to anger and other strong negative emotions. 792 more words



Had lunch with my godfather, his wife and daughter. It was nice but still weird. I have almost no contact with my family, they were ‘not aware’ of what happened to me as a child they say, which still is hard for me to believe. 51 more words

The New Me

Heart vs Mind

Last week I was asked to continue one of my projects while I had already accepted another one for the month of September. So i was faced with a dilemna: go with the well-paid boring one, or stick with the less-paid fun one. 95 more words

The New Me