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When dark gets too dark

A few weeks ago my cousin took her own life. She suffered from severe depression for years and psychosis for the last couple of years. 145 more words

The New Me

Just do it

Nike is onto something with their slogan. It applies to all aspects of life. We all know that tho. I kind of want to take that and make it my slogan or rather, my resolution for the year. 526 more words



I discovered there’s a new word among the younger set this week. Funny how things happen.

I’m a woman blessed with dutch legs, short and sturdy. 127 more words

Notes From The Porch Swing

The New Me

A cacophony of sound
Bangs all around me
The barrage attack
Overwhelming my senses
Your trill laughter
Overly happy and loud
Vibrations of feigned reality… 47 more words



I feel that I haven’t stopped since November. Something was going on at all times. I haven’t stopped to take a breath. Things seem to slow down…we’ll see how long that’ll last. 353 more words


A to Z challenge

I’m working on my other blog – the organizing one. I’m developing a A to Z organising challenge but al stuck on the letters Q, U and X (in dutch and english) any ideas?

The New Me

When people get you

I got this little book today, called Organising is art – Opruimen is DE kunst. Just before and after pictures of organizing stuff, but from an artistic point of view. 51 more words

The New Me