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Morning walk

This morning my internal alarm woke me up at the usual 5.30. I have had a lot of trouble getting out of bed lately. Although awake, the motivation to get up and start doing stuff is completely lacking. 150 more words


Keep on trying

Another week has started. The weekend was an up and down kinda weekend. I had dinner with a friend which I thouroughly enjoyed. And on Sunday I saw the munchkin and his baby sister, both really enthousiast to see me. 34 more words

The New Me


Back from holiday. It was relaxing, and fun, and I enjoyed it. But I still have this empty feeling, I feel isolated, alone, and blah, unsecure about work, about live, and where I need to go next. 57 more words


Music and good company

I love music. I think I have a pretty broad taste. But I love acapella music. And came across these guys a while back. Home free, American country singing acapella band. 116 more words



I call my godson ‘munchkin’. Some people ask me what that means. The term munchkin comes from the movie the wizard of oz, where Dorothy walks through a country with little people: the munchkins from munchkinland. 213 more words



This morning I walked very proudly to my third stretching class in a row. Second exercise in, my knee gave in and I fell flat on my face. 211 more words

The New Me