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Hello World

Hello world!

Today, October 20th, is my birthday.

So I decided to start a blog.

This blog, to be specific.

I have so many things so say, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or lose friends or anything like that, that’s why this blog is completely anonymous. 564 more words

DAS: A Bank Robber, Drug Addict, Ex-Con, Survivor.

Through writing this blog I’ve come across other blogs, which have introduced me to different lifestyles, writing styes, sexual orientations and cultures. The person I’m writing about today is a stranger to me – I know him only through his blog where he describes himself as an abused child, a drug addict and a bank robber. 1,356 more words

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I read this now and then just to remind me...

Why Don't People Comment On My Posts?

1 – You didn’t ask them to. You may be surprised what a simple “please leave your comment” at the end of a post will do. 763 more words


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I've always wondered the same thing!!

I fell but I dusted myself off.

 Today is Tuesday, October 4th,2016. In about 30  days or so I will have been out of federal prison for a year. Hard to imagine when in the past the longest  I’ve been able to remain free was about 5 months. 345 more words


Birthday Present

What’s this? Di dalam foto itu ada headset dan jam sebagai kado ulang tahunku yang ke 22 dari kekasihku. Mungkin aku tak bisa post gambar ini kemanapun kecuali di blog ini. 107 more words

The New Me


‘Aku tau apa yang km pikirin, km pengen dia kaya gitu juga ke kamu (minta bantuan km dan bilang you’re a great one)’, kekasihku mengatakan ini. 205 more words

The New Me


Selama empat bulan ini, semua hal yang kujalani bersamanya bukan berarti tanpa adanya rasa sayang. Aku menyayanginya. Aku bahagia dengannya. Aku bangga memilikinya. Dia tak pernah berhenti membuatku bahagia. 867 more words

The New Me