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So yesterday started off a bit difficult. It was my ‘Kortrijk’ day, and I find it difficult to get motivated for this project. But after the usual struggle with my reluctant-to-let-me-go bed sheets I finally got into my car. 564 more words


It was a good weekend!

So this past weekend was a good one. I started with some exercise. First a stretch class, I though would be easier on my joints then yoga, but that was a bit of a miscalculation. 179 more words


I did it!

Despite a bathing suit that didnt fit, a bathrobe 5 sizes too small, towels that could only wrap the munchkin – turns out I took the wrong ones – a common dressing room – fancy, but still … other people – I did it, at 7.15 I was in that swimming pool! 7 more words

Me Time

Bullet journaling

I love lists, they help me to organize the chaos in my head. So I have been working with lists in a bullet journal for a while. 111 more words


Ready? steady? go?

So yesterday I joined a gym. (again). I signed up with a personal trainer in the hope to find some exercises that will work for me, are sustainable, and not too painful. 117 more words

The New Me

This week

This week has been a strange one. If you know me, you know that change is not an easy one for me.

So this week I was facing change on both personal and business levels. 236 more words



I got reminded yesterday that I started this blog to help me looking for the silver line. And that even in an off day as yesterday I should look for it. 188 more words