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I feel that I haven’t stopped since November. Something was going on at all times. I haven’t stopped to take a breath. Things seem to slow down…we’ll see how long that’ll last. 353 more words


A to Z challenge

I’m working on my other blog – the organizing one. I’m developing a A to Z organising challenge but al stuck on the letters Q, U and X (in dutch and english) any ideas?

The New Me

When people get you

I got this little book today, called Organising is art – Opruimen is DE kunst. Just before and after pictures of organizing stuff, but from an artistic point of view. 51 more words

The New Me

365 Days successful

I started reading this book today – 365 days successful by David de Kock and Arjan Vergeer. It’s a workbook to make you think about your dreams and goals and start working towards a better you. 53 more words

The New Me

Cancer as healer

I am so excited! Reconstructive surgery is officially set for January 17th. I am a bit apprehensive about the procedure itself. It’s no short, quick fix, it’s a DIEP flap reconstruction on one side and a reduction on the other, with three surgical sites, some large and complex. 1,078 more words

Breast Cancer


I haven’t written about love for almost twelve months — I’ve smiled a lot though. I continue to laugh and spread love because I’m home now. 270 more words

The New Me.

Preparing for the next step

Today I’m at a friends home working on the content for my new website. I decided to have a website for my organizing business, and that it would be good to have some idea about the content. 130 more words

The New Me