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Flash forward 2 years...

Wow. I can’t believe WordPress hasnt deleted my blog. I havent checked it in two years. I was about to delete the app from my iPad when curiosity got the best of me. 398 more words

coworker temptation

It is so difficult still to see everyone ordering take out at lunch almost every day. I have to say I definitely think about all the options for what I could order but can never rationalize the calories with myself so I haven’t indulged. 395 more words

Weight Loss

New Morning Light

Through the half opened window of my room, a little yellow light manages to shine. Reflecting off of every corner, it brings into view, opened notebooks filled with history and economics reminding me of the exam I have tomorrow. 73 more words


...and there is this

About a month ago, I told my neurologist that the muscles in my left arm would twitch every so often. I told him that I’d notice it when I’m calm and not doing anything really. 229 more words


The actual interview

2 Days ago I was invited for a job interview that was ‘magically’ arranged for me (in the post a few days back). However I went with some hesitation because I had seen a photo from the owner and in her I (thought to) recognise that specific toughness that women in the branch I work in have. 1,150 more words


I'm Gonna Show You Crazy

There’s a war inside my head
Sometimes I wish that I was dead, I’m broken
So I call this therapist
And she said girl you can’t be fixed, just take this… 188 more words



A couple of weeks ago, I watched the movie ‘Lincoln.’ I watched it with the mindset of this movie being another movie about a president. 327 more words

The New Me