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Forbidden subject topic: Music

My husband and I have been having some really strange conversations lately, mostly about funerals. It feels like topic that shouldn’t be talked about out loud. 819 more words



I was amazed that the sun still rose the next morning. In my head, I honestly expected that it would not. It was warm and bright and carried such promise. 643 more words

The New Normal

anyone can get to normal.

When I was a child growing up in rural Michigan with my nine brothers and sisters, life was normal. Our Father, who was married to someone else the entire time he and my Mother were having children together, had multiple women friends all over the state of Michigan. 741 more words

New Work

6 Months Post-Op Review - The Fun Changes!

Third, and final update, are the fun changes I have discovered on the journey! This is more of a bullet list of neat little things I can do now or never imagined or never even considered when I was starting this weight loss journey. 795 more words


6 Months Post-Op Review -- Exercise and Moving the Body!

Second in my series of updates is learning to move this body of mine! I confess that my scheduled exercising has pretty much disappeared under the weight of seven kids at home, a very busy husband and my own lack of self-discipline. 589 more words


6 Months Post-Op Review -- Food logs and Vitamins!

First, I am so completely blown away that it’s been six months already. How does the time just slip through our hands? To think I would be overweight, sick and tired still if I hadn’t done the surgery is just mind boggling to me. 904 more words


Adam Curtis on image, reality & suicide bombing

Adam Curtis is a documentary filmmaker for the BBC who uses archival footage to remind viewers of forgotten facts and to make connections that others wouldn’t see. 271 more words

War And Peace