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Don’t like Pokémon Go? Fine. Just don’t be a douche about it.

This story was published by SBS World News on July 22, 2016.

Yes, the virtual reality game can be annoying for some. But it can be “life changing” for children with autism. 761 more words

The New Normal

Everything will be okay...

The infamous words you hear as a newly Divorced person.  Don’t worry “Everything will be okay.”  It rings in my head because it is annoying.  I know it will be okay, I feel confident in that, however; it hurts now.   491 more words

The New Normal: Summer 

Monday was the first day of summer. Michigan was hot and humid, mostly overcast throughout the day. There was an impending thunderstorm that didn’t happen, which means we are in for six straight days of sun. 512 more words

The New Normal

Must Watch TV-Series

Hi everyone, this is a list of tv-series – in no particular order – that while they aren’t what you would call new, I consider them new because I’ve never heard of them before now. 106 more words


Suggestion Box

After spending over 11 hours at the hospital yesterday for what was supposed to be our “quick” treatment day I have a few suggestions for the University of Michigan Health System. 445 more words

The New Normal

“Embrace the Suck”

The quote in its entirety is, “You embrace the suck. You move the fuck forward. What other choice do we have?” I heard it in a movie, turns out to be a military quote about sucking it up or giving up. 931 more words

The New Normal