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There's Always a War Happening Somewhere

And if there isn’t one conveniently nearby, you can mash together one of your own. All you need is a few simple ingredients…

First, a false pretext to convince your subjects that your war is just and noble and necessary. 1,040 more words


Thirty-Nine and a Half

Brett’s dying would forever change the way I looked at everything. Life, the future, my children and not only my birthday but everyone’s birthdays that first year. 702 more words

First Year Widow

I just realized today is six years since Jeff’s funeral.

And by “funeral” I mean party. That fab party was attended by Jeff’s wife and child, Jeff’s family and friends, Jeff’s pictures, Jeff’s guitar silent in its stand, Jeff’s lovely small hand crafted rosewood table decorated with a commemorative bottle of Jack, Jeff’s ratty threadbare size 13 just-barely-black Converse hightop sneakers, but not by the Big Man himself. 390 more words


Growing Up

My girlfriend, Kate, was back in town from Seattle this past weekend. On Monday, all of “the girls” got together for lunch at Kate’s mom’s house and of course to catch up like old times. 146 more words

New Baby

How t.v saved my life....a life it ruined.

When I was a kid I watched about 6 hours of t.v a day. That’s probably increased since I’ve been loosed from the shackles of 9-5 schooldays. 993 more words

#SummerofYA Book Review: Saint Anything by @SarahDessen

 There’s no question why Sarah Dessen is called the Queen of YA. If you read any of her books, it’s clear that she’s a master at crafting a story with relevant plots, engaging dialogue, and characters that seem to have been plucked from real life. 416 more words