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Civil Justice System Reform

How do you change the deeply ingrained culture of the American civil justice system? According to Rebecca Love Kourlis by: polling the American public; engaging in focus groups and conversations with judges, lawyers, and court administrators; and reporting the results. 444 more words


Attorney Tip #12 - Simplicity and Clear Communication

There is a breed of lawyer that writes long-winded filings to the court, thinking that the length and complexity of his/her words will impress and win over the judge.   295 more words


Trump is only slightly more crazy than the others

I confess that I never thought Donald Trump would get as far as he has.  I thought he would crash and burn, like so many of the Republican candidates in 2012.  222 more words


Fear itself is the greatest danger

Suppose you are an ISIS terrorist determined to wreak havoc on the United States.   So you infiltrate a Syrian refugee camp hoping to be admitted to the United States. 263 more words


Take A Moment

Finding a way to turn down the noise. Just for a few moments. Enjoy.


Not the Dark House

November 29th, 2013, it was the day after Thanksgiving, I had volunteered to work that day and Brett had the day off. It had been a pretty slow and uneventful day so at 2:00 when the clinic closed I decided to go home. 851 more words

Loss Of Husband

Mormons and Women

I got a call last night from the police department.  It seems an old friend filed a complaint about me.  I thought it was odd.  This particular person has been ‘supporting’ my husband while he’s on trial for domestic felony abuse.   317 more words