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The New Normal
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Released: February 17, 2015

1. Shut the Front Door
2. Witness Protection
3. Girl In a Million… 38 more words

8 Ball Aitken

Young children can be victims of identity theft

I’m getting on in years, and, like my friend Daniel Brandt, hadn’t realized that young children and even infants these days have Social Security numbers. 99 more words

Younger Generation

The new normal: NYPD with machine guns

Tom Englehardt raises the question: Just when did it become an accepted thing for the New York Police Department to be armed with machine guns? 157 more words

The New Normal

The New Normal

We are living in a time of massive change that is quite unsettling for many people. If you are not equip with the tools to navigate these changes, you will be pulled under and expect things to settle down and go back to normal. 133 more words

Art Of Thinking

The main thing wrong with so-called 'P.C.'

In October 2001, shortly after America invaded Afghanistan, some of its Navy personnel were preparing missiles that were going to be fired at al-Qaeda and Taliban strongholds. 

779 more words
The Passing Scene

A case study in 'political correctness'

One good example of political correctness in action is how the right to gay marriage in the United States has become an unquestioned orthodoxy.

I have no quarrel with the right gay marriage.  946 more words


The New Normal and Surrogacy

The following is a research paper I wrote in 2014.

It is not very often that a network television program features gay characters. It is even less often that a network television program’s focus is on gay characters. 1,908 more words