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Not the Dark House

November 29th, 2013, it was the day after Thanksgiving, I had volunteered to work that day and Brett had the day off. It had been a pretty slow and uneventful day so at 2:00 when the clinic closed I decided to go home. 851 more words

First Year Widow

Mormons and Women

I got a call last night from the police department.  It seems an old friend filed a complaint about me.  I thought it was odd.  This particular person has been ‘supporting’ my husband while he’s on trial for domestic felony abuse.   317 more words


As awful as the attacks were, I can’t bring myself to feel sorrow as much as resignation: this is the world we now live in. 315 more words


T / that diversity thing

I can’t watch Fresh Off the Boat.  I really can’t.  For the exact same reasons I stopped watching Lena Dunham’s Girls: it’s a whole bunch of memories I can only nervously laugh about.   546 more words


"Burning House"

I don’t have a chance to listen to much music.

One of the first thing that my husband destroyed was my stereo.

But driving, on the car radio, I heard a song.   123 more words


the new normal

used to have this map
showed the whole state of arizona
long time ago
had it when the power grid went down
tried to hide it pretty well… 214 more words


Television, The New Normal, and Theater

The New Normal, even for only lasting for a single season, was a show that bought about a whole “new” idea of family. According to IMDB… 642 more words

Queer Television