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So many deer!

At the last half mile on the way home, I had to stop on the road to let some deer pass.

There was a group of five deer, though I did see the flash of tail of a 6th one, already on the other side of the fence.  227 more words


What a Day

Well, we finally did it.  My older daughter and I visited my mother.

I think I’ll need a few days to recover. :-D 934 more words


Welcome Home

We found this guy in the yard when we got home from visiting my mother.

The Re-Farmer


A Day Away

An unusual day, today – I didn’t take a single photograph!  I was away most of the day, and don’t even know if the deer visited. 1,185 more words


Getting Brave


Mama and the twins have braved the presence of Scary Eunice, the snowman.

Barbecue and Hungry Girl came by this morning, too.

The Re-Farmer


Mourn Closed Doors, Then Open New Ones

Life is full of disappointments. I am embarrassed to say I didn’t always realize that. Didn’t seem to have “disappointments happen all that often.” Well, its true. 1,207 more words

The New Normal

cheers to genuine living

perhaps, just perhaps

we should stop longing for that 5 o’clock to strike

for that weekend to come

let’s stop valuing certain days over the others… 27 more words