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Ensured about Insurance

After an hour on the phone yesterday, I have finally dealt with our home insurance.  It’s content insurance only, which is all we can get even here, since we do not own the property.  688 more words



As if it wasn’t bad enough my husband hasn’t been able to get one of his prescriptions refilled at all…

He gets one drug in two forms – instant release and extended release.  220 more words


Friday Weight Check - Week 32

Starting weight: 184.6 lbs

Start of pregnancy: 06-09-17

Due Date: 03-08-18

  • Week 6: 191.6 (doctor appt that confirmed pregnancy)
  • Week 7: 193.2 (+8.6)
  • Week 8: 191.2 (-2)
  • 554 more words
The New Normal

Prescription for Pain

When my husband had his first visit with a new doctor, one of the things he was able to get was a renewed prescription for one of his pain meds.  411 more words


Camera set up

This is our new set up to take photos of our feeding area.

Unfortunately, when the deer came this morning, she could see me through the window, taking the lens cap off, etc, and took off. 52 more words


Some updates

So, in between unpacking and rearranging, cooking with sourdough, feeding the critters outside and taking pictures of our deer visitor, other things have been going on. 1,133 more words


We Got Deer!

It took a while – and perhaps it was found when we weren’t there to see – but today, a white tail deer finally showed up at the deer feed we’ve been leaving out. 23 more words