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Sun Room Cats

This evening, I decided to spend a bit of time in the sun room, leaving the door open to see if any cats came to join me. 374 more words



Oh, what a windy day it has been, today!

Hot, as well.  It’s past 6pm as I write this, and our temperatures are at 28C (82F).  655 more words


I'm Sensing Something - or not!

While cleaning up around the yard, one of the girls reached the far post of the clothes line and called me over to look at something. 1,088 more words


How Does the Garden Grow?

As we clean up around the house and yard, we are starting to discover where things are growing, and even what some things are.

These pictures are of the biggest of my mother’s flower gardens, at the old kitchen.  466 more words

The New Normal

Beach Weather!

The girls and I had to make a run into town for them to pick up and sign their tax paperwork (no unhappy surprises for them, thank God!).  369 more words


A Day of Progress

A few more steps forward, today – and the girls are still outside, working on cleaning up around the yard, so the progress continues even now. 856 more words

The New Normal

Shaggy, shaggy friends!

On the way to the dump today, we passed by our neighborhood bison farm.  They were close to the fence by the road, so we stopped to take pictures. 674 more words