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Colin Grant: Britain’s Windrush Generation Debt.

An essay by Colin Grant for the New York Review of Books. When Flying Officer Ulric Cross, a tall, elegant black man with a plummy voice, was introduced in the 1943 Ministry of Information film Wes… 11 more words


The Silence: The Legacy of Childhood Trauma.

I am still feeling the emotional aftershocks of reading such an eloquent and courageous piece about sexual abuse, what it can do to a child’s psyche and psychological development, and how it may pl… 12 more words


Raised by Wolves

Dogs have been our friends since more than 20000 years. Wolves is a different story.

The contemporary relationship between people and their dogs results from the long coevolution traced by Pierotti and Fogg, as well as genetic changes similar to those seen in Belyaev’s foxes.

122 more words

What Is New York City Without Its Historic Buildings?

Real estate interests are buying up historic buildings around Union Square and forcing New York City’s psychotherapists to move all over Manhattan, or leave for other boroughs. 379 more words


Florida: Where Lightning Strikes

Self is still digging deep through her pile of stuff, languishing since 2015. Which is why the article about Trump that she reads this morning, in… 374 more words


Poetry Saturday: Frederick Seidel

The Bird on the Crocodile’s Back (An Excerpt)

The man can’t stay awake. He falls asleep.
It’s noon, it’s afternoon, repeatedly he falls in deep. 73 more words


#amreading: "The Daggers of Jorge Luis Borges"

From The New York Review of Books, 9 January 2014, a review by Michael Greenberg of Professor Borges: A Course on English Literature, edited by Martin Arias and Martin Hadis, and translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver (New Directions): 104 more words