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A Warning that Should Be Heeded

A couple of very thoughtful friends have chided me occasionally because I have had the temerity to post partisan pieces to social media. But despite my professional communications background, I do regard much of mainstream media with profound ambivalence. 368 more words

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Who's really in charge?

The New York Times prints these paragraphs that begin a letter to the editor.

To the Editor:

Donald Trump’s choice of Ben Carson (nytimes.com…

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Essay: A Bookworm’s Travel Plan

For the writer, a good bookstore in a faraway place is as basic a need as a decent hotel, a hot shower and enough underwear.

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Pursuits: Ann Patchett’s Guide for Bookstore Pilgrims

If bookstores are a must on your travel itinerary, Ann Patchett has a road map for you.

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Why Blue States Are the Real ‘Tea Party’

Progressive urban areas pay more taxes and have less voting power than rural ones.

When the modern Tea Party movement coalesced in the early days of the Obama presidency, its allusion to the political grievances of the protesters in Boston Harbor a couple of hundred years earlier seemed plausible enough: Its members felt that their taxes were too high and their interests not adequately represented by the remote authorities in Washington. 38 more words

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Itineraries: Hostel Business Wants to Make a Push Back Into New York

A 2010 law nearly wiped out the city’s hostels, but owners and executives are hoping to revive and expand the industry.

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The Getaway: Hotels for Book Lovers

Hotels, bars and restaurants around the world have made books a centerpiece of their themes and décor.

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