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When so much of our politics is trying to manage this clash of cultures brought about by globalization and technology and migration, the role of stories to unify — as opposed to divide, to engage rather than to marginalize — is more important than ever.

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Spielberg's Film Dogged By Dog Abuse; Forget When His Film Murdered 3 Actors?

Some recent footage of an abused dog from the set of the Steven Spielberg produced “A Dog’s Purpose” brings back memories from the murderous set of 1983’s “The Twilight Zone.” 77 more words

Foxtrots And Cha-Chas

When I was a kid in middle school, I had to take ballroom dancing lessons along with many of my friends. Our moms rounded us up off the ball fields, cleaned us up, and deposited us into a room with an instructor and an equal number of members of the opposite sex. 364 more words

Business Thinking

Foraging: Five Places to Shop in St. Petersburg, Russia

In culture-rich St. Petersburg, Russia, shopping isn’t at the top of the list for most tourists. But there is much for the sartorial-minded to explore.

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Explorer: Hiking in a Forest Born Out of Mount Fuji’s Lava

The Aokigahara forest, on 12 square miles created from an eruption in 864, inspires an almost reverential fear in Japan and, increasingly, filmmakers beyond it.

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World War I Art

Read another great article recently in The New York Times. Holland Cotter’s article, WWI: The Quick. The Dead. The Artists.  On the subject of an exhibition put on by… 92 more words

New Destination for a New York Staycation: The Second Avenue Subway

With the opening of three stops, the Upper East Side has become a retreat for city residents.

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